"That's not what happened at all!"

This article is about something not canon to the storyline of the TV show, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, or the LEGO Cinematic Universe.

Robot Manager
Affiliation Her coffee shop
Element N/A
First Appearance Spinny Sign
Status Alive
Voiced by Shannon Chan-kent

Robot Manager is the manager for a coffee shop Ronin owned. She was a rival to Steeper Wisdom before Master Wu made friends with her.


Wu's Teas

Spinny Sign

The Robot Manager was challenged by Kai to a Spinny Sign Off after she was stealing Steeper Wisdom's customers. However, Kai had accidentally burned their tea shop. She stopped the fire by fanning her sign, but had to pour tea on Master Wu when he caught on fire.

Trojan Tea Kettle

Robot Manager got a giant teapot from "Floyd." Knowing that it was a trap, she threw it into the dumpster, unknowingly giving away the secret ingredient to make her coffee taste good: bananas.

Undercover Zane

After serving a customer, Zane, disguised as a maintenance bot, visited the coffee shop to freeze her espresso machine. She ignored her lie detector and believed when Zane grew a mustache due to an upgrade, allowing Zane to complete his mission. Robot Manager served another customer cold coffee; when she said she liked it, she told everyone about it, earning her shop recognition.

Zaney Chess Game

Cole told everyone that whoever can beat Zane in a game of chess will win free tea. After she witnessed Zane beating several players at a game of chess, the Robot Manager challenged him. The audience was shocked at seeing she won, but when she outstretched her arm to get her tea, Zane's queen fell off her sleeves. She was eventually thrown out for cheating.

The Taste Test

The Robot Manager entered a tasting competition against Steeper Wisdom. Her coffee won, but Ronin, on the other team, cheered. After Wu asked him why so, given that they lost, he claimed he owned both shops and that the prize, a golden mug with a base, was actually a regular mug spray painted with wood glued on.

A Beautiful Friendship

Wu invited the Robot Manager inside Steeper Wisdom. After giving her coffee beans and asking for friendship, to which she accepts. They found a stand selling free juice. They went out together with the Manager asking him if he thinks they have fresh pressed oil.

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