Two of the Rice Farmers

Rice Farmers serve as a group of recurring minor characters in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. They live in Ignacia, working in great fields around the Four Weapons Blacksmith. Although peaceful by nature, several of them end up in the middle of greater battles between the Ninja and the forces of evil.


Way of the Ninja

Several rice farmers were working in the fields when the Skulkin mounted an attack on the Four Weapons Blacksmith shop. The farmers bravely charged the approaching vehicles with their tools in hand, but Samukai quickly scared them into retreat. 

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

When Lord Garmadon decided to manipulate the past in order to prevent the Ninja from ever becoming a team, he used his Mega Weapon to create a portal in Ouroboros. When the Ninja leaped through to pursue their foe, they ended up in the middle of a rice field, outside Four Weapons. It is unclear if the rice farmers noticed the surprise visitors, but they played the same role as before when the Skulkin (plus a disguised Lord Garmadon) attacked the blacksmith shop.

Return of the Overlord

Some rice farmers were working in their fields when the Garmatron fired on Ignacia from the Island of Darkness. The Dark Matter missile rapidly corrupted the entire area, turning the rice farmers into snarling, purple-eyed servants of evil.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

The rice farmers were freed of their corruption when Lloyd defeated the Overlord in a fierce battle over Ninjago City.



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