Puffy Potsticker is Dareth's favorite dish, and an order at Chen's Noodle House.


Dareth walked into Chen's noodle house, demanding they put the puffy potsticker back on the menu. They refuse and Dareth goes outside following the trucks which accidentally leads to him hopping Nya's disguised truck and accompanying her to Chen's Island.

In Spellbound after he was captured by Chen's cultists, Dareth decided to use parts of noodle machines to make his own puffy potsticker. His mentioning of using spare parts of the machines unknowingly gave Zane an idea to create a roto-jet which the elemental masters used in their escape.

In Corridor of Elders, when Skylor announces to Kai she will take over her father's noodle business, Dareth overhears Skylor and begins to beg her as she states she will put the puffy potsticker back on the menu to his relief.

Misako gave some Puffy Potstickers to Ghoultar to convince him to convey info to the ninja about Morro's plan. When Dareth was on Chen's Island with Nya, after he was taken to the factory, he tried to make a machine to make Puffy Potstickers. This thus gave Karlof the idea to build a Roto Jet, despite Cole's argument that it was useless considering the fact that they were underground.


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