He Patrols Ninjago City with a stern look on his face.


Pirates Vs. Ninja

In episode two, Pirates Vs. Ninja, he is seen at the very end throwing the Pirates in jail.

Ninjaball Run

In episode seven, Ninjaball Run, he and another policeman (in two police cars) chase Skales, who is driving the Serpentine Bus. They bounce off the Skull Truck's Wheels. After a while, they gives up and just try to win the race. This doesn't work well, and they run into one of the natives' igloos. The two policemen return at the end in an attempt to arrest Garmadon, but Skales and his Bus blocked the way, allowing Garmadon to escape.

Child's Play

In the episode Child's Play, he puts the ninja (then kids) under arrest for stealing.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Later in The Curse of The Golden Master he was guard at the Ninjago City Aquarium. When he saw Pythor entering inside he tried to stop him but failed after he turned invisible and disappeared.


  • If you look closely, you can see the badge he has is the LEGO City Police Badge.


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