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“You see? Easiest one to obtain yet! Now will you admit that not all modern technology is bad?”
Acronix to Krux after obtaining the Pause Time Blade
"Pause and Effect"
Season 7, Episode 8
Air date May 24th, 2017
Written by John Behnke
Directed by Trylle Vilstrup
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"Secrets Discovered"
"Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea"

Pause and Effect is the 8th episode of the 7th season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the 72nd episode overall.

Official Description

Kai confronts his dad for aiding the Hands of Time, only to discover that his parents are actually Acronix and Krux's captives. Meanwhile, as the Ninja work to free Wu, Cyrus Borg and the rest of the Hands of Time's captives, a third Time Blade arrives - one with the power to temporarily STOP time!



  • Garmadon and Morro make cameo appearances in Wu's vision, where those closest to him blame him for the mistakes he's made.
    • Wu's vision shows that he feels guilty for losing those around him, rather than those around him feeling animosity towards him. This is made more evident by the fact that Wu made amends with Morro at the end of Day of the Departed, and Garmadon in The Corridor of Elders—yet despite all, Wu feels guilty for their fates. 
  • In this episode, it is revealed that the apparatus being built by Cyrus Borg is a means of allowing the Iron Doom to function. 
  • The Royal Blacksmiths sing their song, "Revenge Will Be Mine," which they first sang in Day of the Departed after Kozu said the same line. 
  • This episode marks Karlof's first appearance since The Corridor of Elders, twenty-eight episodes earlier.
    • It's also revealed that he retired as an Elemental Master.
  • The title is a pun on the term "cause and effect," with the word "pause" being added because the episode focuses on the Pause Time Blade—which can freeze time. 
  • In Day of the Departed, Kai and Nya wondered if they would ever find out what happened to their parents.
    • In this episode, Kai and Nya are reunited with their parents and its revealed Krux forced them into servitude.
  • In Ray and Maya's retelling of events to their children, the Elemental Master of Earth is shown with them despite his betrayal in Spellbound.




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