The Noodle Trucks are a fleet of trucks owned by Chen as part of his restaurant franchise, Chen's Noodle House. However, the trucks were also employed by Chen in his criminal enterprises involving the Anacondrai Cultists.


Spy for a Spy

Ninja Roll

Several Noodle Trucks were boarding Chen's Ferry when Nya discovered them and used the disguise feature of the D.B. Express to copy their appearance. She was then forced to take on Dareth as a passenger to avoid detection.

The Greatest Fear of All

After making their way back to Ninjago, the Anacondrai Cultists took possession of Chen's fleet of Noodle Trucks to further their plans. The trucks soon appeared in a convoy that appeared to be heading straight for New Ninjago City, only to scatter in various directions. The Elemental Masters scattered in pursuit, striving to prevent them from attacking various smaller settlements around Ninjago. However, upon stopping the the trucks, the Elemental Masters discovered the horrifying truth: the trucks were empty except for the Anacondrai driving them. As such, the heroes had been drawn away from the people of Ninjago, leaving the cultists free to invade.

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