“Let's change Fenwick's destiny a bit!”
— Nobu
Affiliation Cloud Kingdom
Weapon of choice Pen
Element N/A
First Appearance Kingdom Come
Status Alive
Voiced by Michael Adamthwaite

Nobu is a young monk residing in Cloud Kingdom, responsible for writing destinies for the people of Ninjago.


Kingdom Come

Nobu was writing in the main hall as the Ninja arrived and looked in astonishment at them when Fenwick lead them by.

Later, while he was writing about the Ninja, his ink turned red, signalling they were in danger. Nobu rushed to report this to the head writer, only to find that he had made a deal with Morro and locked the Ninja away for Nimbus to play with.

Nobu followed the Fenwick and the ghosts to the tallest tower where the Sword of Sanctuary was kept, only to encounter the Ninja there as well. He informed them of Fenwick's betrayal and showed them where the sword was kept in the hopes that they would be able to get it first.

Shortly thereafter, Nobu saw Nimbus grab the Ninjas' boat while they were trying to follow Morro. Knowing he had to do something, Nobu ran into the library where he altered Fenwick's destiny to be chased by Nimbus, allowing for the Ninja to escape, which in turn punished Fenwick for his betrayal.

Curseworld, Part II

Nobu observed Morro and Lloyd fighting over the Realm Crystal as they fell from the sky, but was ordered not to intervene by another monk, who stated that their fate was for them to decide.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession


He is shown to kind young man helping the Ninja by telling them of Fenwick's betrayal and telling where to retrieve the Sword of Sanctuary. He also helped them escaped Nimbus by altering Fenwick's destiny as punishment for his betrayal.


Like all writers in the Cloud Kingdom, Nobu had the power to write and/or alter one's destiny, as he did with Fenwick's to save the Ninja.


  • While his name is never stated in the episode itself, it was revealed in the end credits.
  • Nobu is a Japanese name (like Misako).
    • Nobu means "faith."




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