Ninjago Troopers were warriors who defended their villages against all forms of threats. Their greatest call to action was during the Serpentine War, when the troopers were faced with battling the Anacondrai and the rest of the Serpentine


A Trooper stands to Garmadon's right.


As time went on, many people joined together to form a force that would oppose any evils that would set foot or stir conflict in Ninjago

When the Serpentine War began, as Chen deceived the Serpentine into fighting against the people of Ninjago, the troopers set off to defend their homes as they clashed with their new adversaries. During the Battle of Jamanakai Village, many troopers faced off against the mounting hordes of Anacondrai, led by the fierce general Arcturus. Despite their best efforts to subdue their advance, the troopers were overwhelmed by the Anacondrai, and for a time Jamanakai Village was taken over by them. After the Serpentine were condemned to their respective tombs, the troopers continued on with their lives and duties. 

It is unknown if the group is still active today, as their last major appearance was during the Serpentine War many decades ago. 


Typically, the troopers would wield a Golden Spear - something which they used in their fights against the Serpentine But on rare ouccations they would use a Katana Or a cutlass. 


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