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Ninja (Team)   Secret Ninja Force    
“Ninja, go!”
— The Ninja shouting their battle cry
Ninja (Team)
Affiliation Master Wu (De-aged)
Master Garmadon (Turned evil again)
Elemental Masters
Ninja Replacements (Formerly)
Lloyd and Nya's Team
Weapon of choice Golden Weapons
Elemental Blades
Techno Blades
Time Blades
Obsidian Weapons (Non-Canon)
Element Fire
First Appearance Way of the Ninja
Rise of the Snakes (Lloyd)
Status Active
(Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay in the Realm of Oni and Dragons)
(Lloyd and Nya in Ninjago)
Voiced by Jillian Michaels, Sam Vincent (Lloyd)
Vincent Tong (Kai)
Kirby Morrow (Cole)
Kelly Metzger (Nya)
Brent Miller (Zane)
Michael Adamthwaite (Jay)

The Ninja (also known as the Masters of Spinjitzu or the Wu-Cru) are a group of young warriors formed by Master Wu to protect the land of Ninjago from evil. They are the main protagonists of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Since their formation, they have fought a large amount of foes, such as Lord Garmadon and his Skeleton Army in the Pilot Episodes, the Serpentine and the Great Devourer in Season 1, the Overlord and his Stone Army in Season 2, the Overlord and the Nindroids built by Cyrus Borg and P.I.X.A.L. (controlled by the Overlord) in Season 3, Master Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists in Season 4, the Preeminent, Morro, and the Ghost Warriors who escaped the Cursed Realm in Season 5, Nadakhan and his Sky Pirate Crew in Season 6, Clouse and his Shadow Army, Yang and his Students in Day of the Departed, Acronix, Krux, and the Vermillion Warriors in Season 7, and Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon in Season 8. They will face the Dragon Keepers in Season 9.


Return of Lord Garmadon

Dreading his evil brother's return, the team was formed by Master Wu to fight against the Skulkin and Lord Garmadon's undying thirst to conquer the world of Ninjago.

Rise of the Snakes

After the disappearance of Lord Garmadon, the Ninja face the Serpentine, who, thanks to Lloyd, were able to leave their tombs and free the Great Devourer.

The Overlord and the Stone Army

After the defeat of the Great Devourer, the Ninja, along with the Green Ninja, fought against Garmadon, the Overlord, and his indestructible Stone Army.

Attack of the Nindroids

Ninjago was at peace, thanks to Lloyd, who defeated the Overlord, but he had not died but had infiltrated Borg's technology. The Ninja had to fight again with the Overlord, only now with an old enemy, Pythor, and the Nindroids.

However, the Ninja emerged victorious, but at the cost of Zane, who sacrificed himself though secretly created a new body for himself.

Master Chen and Anacondrai Cultists

After the sacrifice of Zane, the Ninja are divided, but everything changed when they discovered that he was still alive. To rescue him they had to go to the Tournament of Elements. During this time, they discovered the truth of their powers after they met and befriended the Elemental Masters. The Ninja were also able to unlock the ability to use Elemental Dragons.

With the sacrifice of Garmadon, Master Chen and the Anacondrai Cultists were banished to the Cursed Realm.

Morro and Ghost Warriors

When opening the portal of the Cursed Realm, a ghost named Morro, who was the first student of Master Wu, possessed Lloyd and shortly after takes the Realm Crystal and liberates the Preeminent. The ninja were faced with problems, as their power depended on Lloyd and Cole was turned into a ghost. However, things shifted for the better as they learned a new technique Airjitzu (Martial Art) and Cole learned some new ghost moves.

In the end, thanks to Nya, who unlocked her True Potential, they defeated the Preeminent and Morro, thus sending them to the Departed Realm.

Nadakhan and Sky Pirates

When Clouse, who escaped the Cursed Realm, released Nadakhan, the Ninja will have to stop him before he marries Nya and gains infinite wishes. Unfortunately, he stole the Realm Crystal and released the rest of his crew, who helped him build New Djinjago. Jay's last wished caused everyone to forget the majority of the season.

Day of the Departed

Following the Sky Pirate conflict, Ninjago celebrated the holiday once again, with the Ninja spreading out across the land of Ninjago to remember their ancestors.Zane remembers Dr. Julien at Birchwood Forest, Kai and Nya remember Ray and Maya at their blacksmith shop, Lloyd and Misako remember Garmadon at the Corridor of Elders, and Wu remembers his father at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, while Jay spends time with his parents at their junkyard.

In the meantime, Cole goes to Master Yang's Haunted Temple to settle his debt with the ghostly master. However, a sinister plot by Yang leads Cole to free the spirits of the Ninjas' old enemies from the Departed Realm, including Samukai, Kozu, CryptorChen, and Morro, all of whom possess statues at the Ninjago Museum of History. Seeking revenge, the revived villains spread throughout Ninjago to confront their adversaries.

With the Yin Blade in hand, Yang proceeded to go to the roof of his temple and activates the artifact, using its reality-warping powers to open the Rift of Return. However, Cole, confronting him, attacked Yang, forcing the latter to defend himself with the Yin Blade with success, slicing apart Cole's blade in the process. However, when Cole's support by his friends powered him up, Cole used his charged fists to attack Yang, who attempted to shield himself with the Yin Blade. Unable to withstand the assault, the Yin Blade was shattered by Cole's attack, and with its destruction and the ending Yin-Yang Eclipse, the Rift of Return started to close as a result. However, a reformed Yang threw Cole through the rift changing him back to a human and the ninja gained a new base in Yang's Temple.

The Hands of Time and Vermillion

After the Day of the Departed, the Ninjas returned to Ninjago Museum of History and discovered that Master Wu and Garmadon confronted two Elemental Masters, after which the Ninja decided to stop the Time Twins, but it was too late as they had recollected the Time Blades. Finally they together with Kai, Nya, and Wu traveling to the past, 40 years before, after the defeat of Acronix and Krux. Master Wu sacrificed himself to stop them and Kai and Nya returned to the present. Realizing that they lost their master, the Ninja name Lloyd their new master.

Sons of Garmadon

One year later, the Ninja discovered that a group called Sons of Garmadon are trying to revive Lloyd's father, but in his evil form. They are also reunited with their master who is revealed to have been de-aged into an infant after his journey through time. The Ninja also had to protect the Oni Masks, but what they did not have in mind was that Princess Harumi was really the leader of the Sons of Garmadon.

The Sons of Garmadon finally revived Garmadon, who was able to defeat Lloyd with ease and take control of Ninjago. Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole, along with Baby Wu, end up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons when they escaped Garmadon's creation, Colossi, leading the others to think they were killed.

Oni and Dragon Keepers

After being defeated, the Ninja have been separated. Lloyd and Nya, along with Skylor, P.I.X.A.L., and Misako, must defeat Lord Garmadon, Harumi, and the Sons of Garmadon. The four original Ninja (Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane) along with Wu must face the Oni and the Dragon Keepers.



Other Members


Honorary Members


Current Allies

Former Allies

Deceased Allies


The Ninja have six Elemental Powers (one element for each Ninja) that give them amazing abilities of their Elements, which includes summoning their respective Elemental Dragons and performing Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.


The Ninja also have two powerful martial arts that they use in battle, Spinjitzu, a move that allow them to spin in a tornado, and Airjitzu, a move that allow them to fly in a vortex.


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; brown)
  • Zane (Ice; white/light blue)
  • Nya (Water; light blue/sliver)
  • Wu (Creation; gold)
  • Garmadon (Destruction; purple)
  • Misako (Element-less; silver)


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; orange)
  • Zane (Ice; white)
  • Nya (Water; light blue)
  • Morro (Wind; ghostly green)


The Ninja (except Nya and Lloyd) have had major weapon tiers that they used in battles. They are the Golden Weapons, Elemental Blades, Techno Blades, and Aeroblades.

Golden Weapons

Elemental Blades

  • Kai (Fire; Red/Orange)
  • Jay (Lightning; Blue/Yellow)
  • Zane (Ice; Gray/White)
  • Cole (Earth; Green/Purple)

Techno Blades

  • Kai (Large Sword; Red)
  • Jay (Chainsaw Blade; Yellow)
  • Zane (Staff; Blue)
  • Cole (Flail; Green)


  • Kai (Red)
  • Jay (Yellow)
  • Zane (Light Blue)
  • Cole (Orange)


  • The Ninja bear a resemblance to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both teams are all Ninjas, are teenagers, and have a mentor that train them (the turtles has Master Splinter while the Ninja has Master Wu).
  • All of the Ninja (and Master Wu) have changed their physical appearances in the show.
    • Jay, Kai, Zane, and Cole turned into kids in "Child's Play," but turned back to teenagers.
    • Lloyd was a child until he was hit by Tomorrow's Tea in "Child's Play" and aged into an old man in "Wishmasters." He reverted back to a teen due to Jay's last wish.
    • Zane was originally a Nindroid in human form until "The Titanium Ninja" and debuted in his titanium form in "The Invitation."
    • Cole was a human being until "The Temple on Haunted Hill," where he was turned into a ghost by Yang but turned human again in "Day of the Departed." He now has a scar from the transformation.
    • Nya's lips are no longer red following Season 6 onward.
    • In Season 8, all the Ninja have different appearances similar to their movie counterparts.
    • After being hit with the Reversal Blade, Wu has become a baby.
  • Zane and Nya are the only Ninja to have died in the series but were both resurrected.
  • Jay is the only Ninja to appear in every Ninjago episode, as of 2017, with Nya following behind him.
  • Excluding their allies, Nya is the only female on the team.
  • After Cole's physical reformation in "Day of the Departed," Zane becomes the only non-human on the team.
  • Kai, Jay, and Cole are the only three Ninja to have every different suit shown in the show. This is due to Lloyd and Nya joining the team later on, and Zane lacking a tournament robe, as he did not compete in the Tournament of Elements.
  • Technically, all of the Ninja have the title "Master," as they are all Masters of an element.
  • At some point, all members of the team (and some allies) have turned against their team and later revert back:
  • Although Lloyd is the leader of the team, every Ninja has taken on the role of the leader.
  • The Ninja (except Nya) can only harness their elemental powers by being dependent on their leader Lloyd. This may due because Lloyd shares his Golden Power with them.
  • Excluding Nya, the Ninja are the only Elemental Masters that have the main elements in Ninjago (Water is a secondary element).
  • Three of the Ninja have had their main color changed.
    • Lloyd was green, then gold, but is now green again.
    • Zane was white, then silver, but now can alternate between white and silver.
    • Nya was red, then azure, then maroon, and is now gray.
    • P.I.X.A.L. was purple and is now dark blue.
  • All six of the Ninja have seasons or TV Special that focus on them.
  • All the Ninja but Lloyd have traveled to the past. Kai is the only one who traveled to the past thrice.
  • Nya is the only ninja who hasn't traveled to other realms.
  • Lloyd is the only Ninja who went to the Cursed Realm. He is also the Ninja who has visited the most realms due to his fight with Morro.
  • Nya and Jay are the only Ninja to remember what happened in Season 6, although Lloyd showed signs of experiencing déjà vu while the rest may have gained some recollection.
  • Lloyd is the first and only one of Wu's students to gain the rank of master.
  • Each of the Ninja have their own signature color.
    • Kai's signature color is red.
    • Jay's signature color is blue.
    • Zane's signature color is white.
    • Cole's signature color is black.
    • Nya's signature color was azure, but is now gray.
    • Lloyd's signature color is green.
  • Each of the six Ninja have individual animal symbols that correspond to their characteristics (as of Season 6, depicted on their suits with matching colors and elemental resemblance).
    • Kai's is shown as an orange (with red outline) Lion—resembling his aggression.
    • Jay's is shown as a dark blue (with purple outline) Octopus—resembling his active nature.
    • Zane's is shown as a blue (with white outline) Tiger—resembling his intelligence.
    • Cole's is shown as a yellow (with orange outline) Gorilla—resembling his strength.
    • Nya's is shown as a white (with light blue outline) Phoenix—resembling her determination.
    • Lloyd's is shown as a yellow/gold (with green outline) Dragon—resembling his power.
  • Each of the six Ninja have their own signature weapon that they are most known for and later changed their signature weapons to match their movie counterparts (except for Jay).
    • Kai's signature weapon was a single Katana, but is now a pair.
    • Jay's signature weapon was a pair of Nunchucks.
    • Zane's signature weapon was a pair of Shurikens, but is now a Bow and Arrow.
    • Cole's signature weapon was a Scythe, but is now a Hammer.
    • Nya's signature weapon was a pair of daggers, but is now a Spear.
    • Lloyd's signature weapon was a pair of katanas, but is now a Sword.
  • Zane is the oldest Ninja of the team, although in Season 6, when Lloyd aged into a old man, he was temporarily the oldest Ninja of the team before reverting back to a teen.
  • All of the Ninja have had a love interest which was another focus in a season.
    • Jay and Nya had an attraction to each other in the first two seasons and following a break-up in Season 3, they got back together in Season 6 and remain a couple.
    • Kai had a interest in Skylor, the daughter of Chen, in Season 4: The Tournament of Elements.
    • Zane had an interest in P.I.X.A.L. in season 3 and they have remained together.
    • Cole had an interest in Nya during Season 3 which caused a rivalry between him and Jay until she chose Jay. Cole also had an interest in Seliel but this was considered non-canon as it's unknown if she actually exists in the series.
    • Lloyd had an interest in Harumi in Season 8, until it was revealed she was evil.
  • As of Season 8, the Ninja now have their names and signature colors on their weapons.
  • As of "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," Nya is the only Ninja who has never lost her powers.
  • Lloyd is the only Ninja who has lost his powers three times; the first was because the Overlord stole his Golden Power, the second was by Master Chen, and the third by Lord Garmadon.


All of the Ninja




Former Allies



Master Wu · Cole · Zane · Jay · Nya · Kai · Lloyd
Allies: Misako · Dr. Julien · Falcon · Master Garmadon · Cyrus Borg · P.I.X.A.L. · Ronin


Samukai · Wyplash · Kruncha · Frakjaw · Chopov · Nuckal · Krazi · Bonezai


Anacondrai: Arcturus · Pythor P. Chumsworth
Fangpyre: Fangtom · Fangdam · Fang-Suei · Snappa
Venomari: Acidicus · Lizaru · Spitta · Lasha · Zoltar
Constrictai: Skalidor · Bytar · Chokun · Snike
Hypnobrai: Skales · Slithraa · Mezmo · Rattla
Other: The Great Devourer

Stone Army

Creator: The Overlord
General Kozu · Giant Stone Warrior · Stone Warrior · Stone Swordsman · Stone Scout


General Cryptor · Nindroid Drone · Nindroid Warrior · Min-Droid

Anacondrai Cultists

Chen · Clouse · Zugu · Eyezor · Kapau · Chope · Krait · Sleven

Elemental Masters

Ash · Bolobo · Master of Shadow · Paleman · Karlof · Tox · Shade · Neuro · Master of Gravity · Gravis · Griffin Turner · Maya · Ray · Skylor

Ghost Warriors

Leader: The Preeminent
Morro · Chain Master Wrayth · Blade Master Bansha · Scythe Master Ghoultar · Bow Master Soul Archer
Ghost Ninja: Attila · Hackler · Howla · Ming · Spyder · Wooo
Ghost Warriors: Cowler · Cyrus · Ghurka · Pitch · Pyrrhus · Wail · Yokai

Sky Pirates

Leader: Nadakhan
Flintlocke · Dogshank · Doubloon · Monkey Wretch · Clancee · Bucko · Squiffy · Cyren


Creators: Acronix · Krux
Machia · Raggmunk · Blunck · Vermin · Rivett · Slackjaw · Tannin

Sons of Garmadon

Leaders: Harumi · Lord Garmadon
Killow · Ultra Violet · Mr. E · Luke Cunningham · Chopper Maroon · Mohawk · Sawyer · Scooter · "Snake Jaguar"

Dragon Keepers

Leader: Iron Baron
Jet Jack · Heavy Metal · Skullbreaker · Arkade · Muzzle · Daddy No Legs · Chew Toy


Grundle · Spykor · Starteeth · The Leviathan · Treehorn · Craglings · Mud Monsters · Geoatomic Rock Monsters · Ice Serpent · Walliper · Colossi
Dragons: Fire Dragon · Lightning Dragon · Earth Dragon · Ice Dragon
Elemental Dragons: Golden Dragon · Elemental Earth Dragon · Elemental Fire Dragon · Elemental Form Dragon · Elemental Gravity Dragon · Elemental Lightning Dragon · Elemental Metal Dragon · Elemental Mind Dragon · Elemental Nature Dragon · Elemental Poison Dragon · Elemental Shadow Dragon · Elemental Smoke Dragon · Elemental Speed Dragon · Titanium Dragon · Elemental Water Dragon · Morro Dragon · Master Wu Dragon
Fusion Dragons: Ultra Dragon · Hydro Electric Dragon · Fusion Dragon


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