Ninja (Team)   Secret Ninja Force    
“Ninja, go!”
— The Ninja
Ninja (Team)
Affiliation Master Wu (lost in time)
Master Garmadon (deceased)
Weapon of choice Golden Weapons
Elemental Blades
Techno Blades
Time Blades
Element Fire
First Appearance Way of the Ninja
Status Active
Voiced by Jillian Michaels, Sam Vincent (Lloyd)
Vincent Tong (Kai)
Kirby Morrow (Cole)
Kelly Metzger (Nya)
Brent Miller (Zane)
Michael Adamthwaite (Jay)

The Ninja (also known as the Masters of Spinjitzu) is a team of young warriors formed by Master Wu to protect the land of Ninjago from evil. They are the main protagonists of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Since their formation, they have fought a large amount of foes, such as Lord Garmadon and his Skeleton Army, the Serpentine and the Great Devourer, The Overlord and his Stone Army, the Nindroids built by Cyrus Borg and P.I.X.A.L. (controlled by the Overlord), Master Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists, The Preeminent, Morro the and Ghost Warriors who escaped the Cursed Realm, Nadakhan and his Sky Pirate Crew, Clouse and his Shadow Army, Yang and his Students, Acronix, Krux, and the Vermillion. They will eventually encounter the Sons of Garmadon.




Honorary Members




Deceased Allies


The Ninja have six Elemental Powers (one element for each Ninja) that give them amazing abilities of their Elements, which includes summoning their respective Elemental Dragons and performing Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.


The Ninja also have two powerful martial arts that they use in battle, Spinjitzu, a move that allow them to spin in a tornado, and Airjitzu, a move that allow them to fly in a vortex.


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; brown)
  • Zane (Ice; white/light blue)
  • Nya (Water; light blue/sliver)
  • Wu (Creation; gold)
  • Garmadon (Destruction; purple)
  • Misako (Element-less; silver)


  • Lloyd (Energy; green)
  • Kai (Fire; red)
  • Jay (Lightning; blue)
  • Cole (Earth; brown)
  • Zane (Ice; white)
  • Nya (Water; light blue)


The Ninja (except Nya and Lloyd) have had major weapon tiers that they used in battles. They are the Golden Weapons, Elemental Blades, Techno Blades, and Aeroblades.

Golden Weapons

Elemental Blades

  • Kai (Fire; Red/Orange)
  • Jay (Lightning; Blue/Yellow)
  • Zane (Ice; Grey/White)
  • Cole (Earth; Green/Purple)

Techno Blades

  • Kai (Large Sword; Red)
  • Jay (Chainsaw Blade; Yellow)
  • Zane (Staff; Blue)
  • Cole (Flail; Green)


  • Kai (Red)
  • Jay (Yellow)
  • Zane (Light Blue)
  • Cole (Orange)


  • All of the Ninja have changed their physical appearances in the show.
    • Jay, Kai, Zane, and Cole turned into kids in "Child's Play," but turned back to teenagers.
    • Lloyd was a child until he was hit by Tomorrow's Tea in "Child's Play" and aged into an old man in "Wishmasters." He reverted back to a teen due to Jay's last wish.
    • Zane was originally a Nindroid in human form until "The Titanium Ninja" and debuted in his titanium form in "The Invitation."
    • Cole was a human being until "The Temple on Haunted Hill," where he was turned into a ghost by Yang but turned human again in "Day of the Departed." He now has a scar from the transformation.
    • Nya's lips are no longer red following Season 6 onward.
    • In Season 8, all Ninja will have different appearances similar to their movie counterparts.
  • Zane and Nya are the only Ninja to have died in the series but were both resurrected.
  • Jay is the only Ninja to appear in every Ninjago episode, as of 2017, with Nya following behind him.
  • Excluding allies, Nya is the only female on the team.
  • After Cole's physical reformation in "Day of the Departed," Zane becomes the only non-human on the team.
  • Technically, all of the Ninja have the title "Master," as they are all Masters of an element.
  • At some point, all members of the team (and some allies) have turned against their team:
  • Although Lloyd is the leader of the team, every Ninja has taken on the role of the leader.
  • The Ninja (except Nya) can only harness their elemental powers by being dependent on their leader Lloyd. This may due because Lloyd shares his Golden Power with them.
  • Excluding Nya, the Ninja are the only Elemental Masters that have the main elements in Ninjago (Water is a secondary element).
  • Three of the Ninja have had their main color changed.
    • Lloyd was green, then gold, but is now green again.
    • Zane was white, then silver, but is now white again.
    • Nya was red, then azure, then maroon, and is azure again.
  • All six of the Ninja have seasons or TV Special that focus on them.
  • Currently, Kai has the most seasons focused on him, with three seasons.
  • Currently, Cole has the least seasons foucused on him, with a special.
  • All the Ninja but Lloyd have traveled to the past. Kai is the only one who traveled to the past thrice.
  • Nya and Jay are the only Ninja to remember what happened in Season 6.
    • Although Lloyd showed signs of Deja Vu, and Zane might have the events stored in his memory.
    • Therefore, Cole and Kai are the only two Ninja not to remember the events of Season 6.
  • Lloyd is the first and only one of Wu's students to gain the rank of master.
  • Each of the Ninja have their own signature color.
    • Kai's signature color is red.
    • Jay's signature color is blue.
    • Zane's signature color is white.
    • Cole's signature color is black.
    • Nya's signature color is azure.
    • Lloyd's signature color is green.
  • Each of the six Ninja have individual animal symbols that correspond to their characteristics (as of Season 6, depicted on their suits with matching colors and elemental resemblance).
    • Kai's is shown as an orange (with red outline) Lion—resembling his aggression.
    • Jay's is shown as a dark blue (with purple outline) Octopus—resembling his active nature.
    • Zane's is shown as a blue (with white outline) Tiger—resembling his intelligence.
    • Cole's is shown as a yellow (with orange outline) Gorilla—resembling his strength.
    • Nya's is shown as a white (with light blue outline) Phoenix—resembling her determination.
    • Lloyd's is shown as a yellow/gold (with green outline) Dragon—resembling his power.
  • Each of the six Ninja have their own signature weapon that they are most known for.
    • Kai's signature weapon is a sword.
    • Jay's signature weapon is a pair of nunchucks.
    • Zane's signature weapon is a pair of shurikens.
    • Cole's signature weapon is a scythe.
    • Nya's signature weapon is a pair of daggers.
    • Lloyd's signature weapon is a pair of katanas.
  • Cole was the first Ninja to join the team.
  • Zane was the second Ninja to join the team.
  • Jay was the third Ninja to join the team.
  • Kai was the fourth Ninja to join the team.
  • Lloyd was the fifth Ninja to join the team.
  • Currently, Nya is the last person to join the team.







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