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Nindroid Warrior
Img820x740 CharactersMain NindroidWarrior
Affiliation Nindroids

Cyrus Borg (Currently) Overlord (Formerly) General Cryptor (Formerly)

Element N/A
Status Activated

The Nindroid Warrior is a minor antagonist in the third season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It is an advanced combat robot designed by Cyrus Borg under the Digital Overlord's influence, and forms the heart of the evil Nindroid army. Based on Zane's blueprints, Nindroid Warriors are said to be superior to the Ninja of Ice in every way; being stronger, faster, capable of cloaking themselves, and utterly emotionless.

TV Show Appearances

The Surge

The Nindroids were seen being built and moved along the factory lines as an infected P.I.X.A.L. looked on.

The Art of the Silent Fist

A group of Nindroid Warriors attacked the Ninja at Garmadon's Monastery. Several more were defending the Power Station, but all were powered down when the ninja shut down the system.


Some Nindroid Warriors were reawakened by Techno Wu at Ed and Edna's Scrap N' Junk using Electrocobrai.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Led by General Cryptor, the Nindroids attacked the Ninja and Serpentine in the Stone Army Tomb, with one unit being directly possessed by the Digital Overlord. However, the Nindroid Warriors were deactivated when the ninja learned that they could remove the Electrocobrai powering them, leaving only General Cryptor to flee.

Enter the Digiverse

More Nindroid Warriors (presumably reactivated by Pythor) attacked Borg Tower to stop the Ninja from interfering with the Digital Overlord.

Codename: Arcturus

Nindroid Warriors including Min-Droid attacked Kai on the Nindroid Train.

The Void

Several Nindroid Warriors accompanied General Cryptor and Min-Droid on the mission to retrieve the Golden Weapons from the Arcturus comet.

The Titanium Ninja

A number of Nindroid Warriors were seen at Borg Industries, lined up to welcome the reborn Overlord and prepared to conquer New Ninjago City. Later on, they pursued the Ninja and tried to break the forcefield around the Temple of Courage, but Nya used General Cryptor's Destructoid to blast them.

The Invitation

They seemed to have made a small cameo and returned as they were now the Security Droids (called by Cyrus Borg) for Borg Industries and for Cyrus Borg and also part of Lloyd's training program. They might not be following orders for Overlord and General Cryptor any longer. In other words, they are now the good guys like the Serpentines and Skullkins. Description

Nindroids are high-tech fighting machines manufactured based upon the blueprints of Zane. But they are the next generation of artificial warriors, stronger, faster, and more agile than Zane has ever been. In addition, they have cloaking abilities that let them turn invisible. This mechanical army serves the Digital Overlord. Where Zane is able to feel friendship and more, Nindroids have no emotions. They are completely cold and totally focused on accomplishing their mission. Nindroids cannot be reasoned with or frightened off and they will only do strategic retreats if it seems that defeat is inevitable.


  • Unlike Cryptor and Min-Droid, many Nindroid Warriors remained unfrozen and operating, and are currently used as a form of security for Cyrus Borg.





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Stone Army

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