Mechanical Wings are one of Jay's inventions used for gliding long distances without touching the ground.

They are a set of sail-like wings made of sturdy cloth stretched between several wooden poles and mounted on a person's back. A set of cords on the supporting poles connected to small wooden handles in the user's hands, allowing them to move the wings in flight.


The Golden Weapon

When Master Wu met Jay, the latter was testing a set of Mechanical Wings by gliding off of a building. Unfortunately, Jay ended up crashing into a billboard.

King of Shadows

Jay brought some Mechanical Wings with him after he moved to the Monastery of Spinjitzu. The Ninja used them to escape the Skulkin attack at the Floating Ruins, after obtaining the Nunchucks of Lightning. The wings allowed them to glide to the Forest of Tranquility, where they set up camp for the night.

All of Nothing

When Lord Garmadon was preparing to leave the Destiny's Bounty, he had a final talk with his son, Lloyd. After failing to convince his father to stay with his friends, Lloyd went to a nearby closet to grab a pair of Mechanical Wings, saying that Lord Garmadon might need them to get off of the flying ship. However, Lord Garmadon had already left before the Green Ninja could get an answer.


  • The wings seem to be based on a design done by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • In "All of Nothing," Lloyd called them "gliders" instead of "mechanical wings."


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