70737 3
Element N/A
First Appearance The Temple on Haunted Hill
Status Destroyed

Mech-enstein (also known as the Ghost Mech) was a vehicle used by Bansha and Ghoultar. The mech is the Samurai X Mech possesed by Ghoultar to disturb the Samurai X Cave and climb the Wailing Alps.


The Temple on Haunted Hill

Morro, along with Ghoultar, Bansha, and Soul Archer journeyed to the Samurai X Cave to obtain one of the Ninjas' mechs, intending to use it to ascend the Wailing Alps. Once they arrive, they were interrupted by Nya and Ronin. After a brief fight, Ghoultar possesses the Samurai Mech, turning it into the Mech-enstein.


Morro uses the Mech-enstein to climb the Wailing Alps. When the Ninja arrive at the Hanging Temple, Ghoultar uses the mech to fight the Titan Mech until Zane sends both mechs flying off the mountain, into the snow below. 


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Video Games



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