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Looking for Lloyd from Shadow of Ronin?

“Just because I'm the Green Ninja, doesn't mean I have to save the day. Especially, when I have friends to rely on.”
— Lloyd
Affiliation Serpentine (Formerly)
Elemental Masters
Weapon of choice Golden Twin Katanas
Element Energy
Golden Power (Formerly)
First Appearance Rise of the Snakes
9443 Rattlecopter
Status Alive
Voiced by Jillian Michaels

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is the Green Ninja and the leader of the Ninja team. He is the son of Garmadon and Misako, the paternal nephew of Sensei Wu, and the First Spinjitzu Master's paternal grandson. His destiny as the Green Ninja was shown to him at a young age and after rigorous training and exposure to Tomorrow's Tea, as he was destined to defeat the Dark Lord in the Final Battle as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. Lloyd is the only Elemental Master of Energy.

Lloyd entered the scene shortly after the defeat of Skulkin as a bratty kid who sought to follow in his father's villainous footsteps. He unleashed several Serpentine tribes from their tombs intending to have them serve as his army. After each tribe betrayed him, Lloyd became good and helped the Ninja, though was soon captured by the Serpentine. He was eventually rescued by his father and revealed to be the Green Ninja when the four Golden Weapons reacted to him.

With the Green Ninja unveiled, the Ninja begin to properly train Lloyd, at that time Lloyd had became a close friend to the Ninja. He reunites with his mother, Misako, and the Ninja face Garmadon's Stone Army and the Overlord, who Lloyd later confronts and defeats in the Final Battle. After a time of peace, Lloyd is called back into duty to help the Ninja battle against the Overlord, who steals Lloyd's Golden Power and becomes the Golden Master. In a final move to defeat him, Zane sacrificed himself, and after months of being thought dead he was found to be alive on a mysterious island. The Ninja save Zane and unite with the Elemental Masters to fight Chen's army. Lloyd banishes his father to the Cursed Realm to unleash the spirits of the original Anacondrai Generals and curse Chen's followers.

In the midst of feeling his future is uncertain with his father gone, Lloyd is possessed by Morro, a prisoner of the Cursed Realm and Wu's first student who thought he was meant to be the Green Ninja. Morro sets off on a journey to find the Realm Crystal and free everyone imprisoned in the Cursed Realm, as well as The Preeminent. While Lloyd is freed from Morro's possession, The Preeminent is released into Stiix. After bidding farewell to his father, Lloyd battles Morro between realms until Nya destroys the Cursed Realm. With his father gone, Lloyd sought to look positively upon their victory, and assured his friends that a bright future awaits them.

With the Cursed Realm and its inhabitants destroyed, Lloyd and the Ninja face a new threat in the form of Nadakhan and the Sky Pirates. Jay is eventually captured by the Sky Pirates and during his rescue, Lloyd wishes to become wise like Wu but becomes older in the process, and shortly after is trapped in a Sword of Souls along with Cole. When Jay made his final wish, all recent events were undone and Lloyd returned to his normal age.


Early Life

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako. He was fond of his evil father and wanted to follow in his footsteps, unaware that Garmadon didn't. Once he was old enough, Misako sent him to the Darkley's School for Bad Boys. On his first day at Darkley's School, everyone made fun of Lloyd, and Brad put fire ants in his bed. After everyone left, Brad took him under his wing and taught him the art of revenge.

One day, he had received a package from his "grandmummy" when another student named Finn took it from him and turned it into worms. Lloyd was expelled from school that same day because he didn't have the morale to become one of Ninjago's greatest villains. Before he left, he stole a cape and hood from a closet, planning to become an evil overlord by himself.

Unleashing the Serpentine

Rise of the Snakes

Lloyd appeared in Jamanakai Village, throwing toy snakes at the residents and demanding their candy. When the Ninja arrived, they were surprised to see a boy instead of the fearsome Lord Garmadon, prompting Lloyd to explain that he was the dark lord's son. He threatened to unleash the Serpentine on the Ninja if they didn't surrender, but the unimpressed heroes hung him on a sign, where the irate villagers pelted him with fruit for his trickery.

Eventually, Lloyd escaped, swearing revenge on the Ninja. He ended up wandering into the icy Glacier Barrens, where he stumbled upon a strange tomb. Curious, Lloyd opened the tomb and fell inside, where he met the Hypnobrai, a tribe of real Serpentine. The Hypnobrai General, Slithraa, attempted to hypnotize Lloyd, but the would-be evil overlord slipped on the icy floor, causing Slithraa to stare at his own reflection in the ice. Thus hypnotized by his own attack, Slithraa accepted Lloyd as his master, and Lloyd immediately ordered the Hypnobrai to Jamanakai Village to take his revenge.

With the Serpentine at his side, Lloyd quickly subjugated the village, stealing all of its candy for himself as the Hypnobrai mesmerized the villagers. When the Ninja returned, Lloyd watched the battle until the Ninja managed to steal Slithraa's staff, prompting him to call a retreat.


Lloyd commanded the Hypnobrai to build him a Treehouse Fortress within Wildwood Forest, planning to use it as a base from where he can conquer the rest of Ninjago. However, the Ninja attacked and began cutting the support ropes, causing it to collapse. Lloyd ordered the Hypnobrai to fight back, but Skales betrayed him by dropping him into one of his own booby traps. With Lloyd as their prisoner, the Hypnobrai raided the Monastery of Spinjitzu and burnt it to the ground, reclaiming their staff in the process.

Back at the Hypnobrai Tomb, Lloyd tried to convince Slithraa to make the others free him. However, Skales defied his General's command, challenging him to a Slither Pit for leadership. During the fight, Lloyd found the Map of Dens in an ice crevice, and surrepitously pocketed it while cheering Slithraa on. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Skales' superior fighting skills allowed him to defeat Slithraa and become the new General. With his authority, Skales banished Lloyd from the tomb, forcing the would-be evil overlord to wander Ninjago once again.

When the Ninja moved into the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd looked on from a distant dune, glaring at his enemies before continuing his own journey.


Plotting revenge against the Hypnobrai, Lloyd decided to find another Serpentine tribe to ally with. He released the Fangpyre from the Fangpyre Tomb and requested their aid against the Hypnobrai. Although the General, Fangtom, was more than happy to agree, he admitted that they would need to bolster their forces to stand a chance against the Hypnobrai. To this end, the Fangpyre led Lloyd to Ed and Edna's junkyard, where they bit Ed, Edna, and several vehicles.

The next morning, Jay and the other Ninja arrived at Ed and Edna's Junkyard to visit Jay's parents, only to find the latter slowly transforming into snakes. Lloyd appeared with Fangtom atop a junk pile as the Fangpyre attacked the Ninja, laughing as the heroes were beset by the Fangpyre Wrecking Ball and the Fangpyre Robot. When Sensei Wu attempted to use the Sacred Flute against the Fangpyre, Lloyd used a Serpentine boom box to drown out the melody, brushing off his uncle's demands to turn down the music.

Despite this, the Ninja defeated the Fangpyre forces, prompting Lloyd to call yet another retreat. To his dismay, the Ninja created vehicles of their own from their Golden Weapons, allowing them to catch up to the Rattlecopter and retrieve the Fangpyre Staff to return Jay's parents to normal. When Lloyd led the rest of the Fangpyre against the Destiny's Bounty, the ship took flight and escaped, although not before accidentally dropping the Fangpyre Staff on Fang-Suei's head.

Never Trust a Snake

With the Fangpyre forces bolstered, Lloyd led the tribe against the Hypnobrai. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by Fangtom after the latter saw his old friend Skales in charge of the Hypnobrai, but he managed to sneak away while the Generals debated over what to do with him. Having overheard Skales' mention of the Anacondrai being the most powerful and fearsome tribe of all, Lloyd sought out the Anacondrai Tomb within the Sea of Sand.

Upon opening the tomb, Lloyd was greeted with a roomful of skeletons. The Anacondrai General, Pythor P. Chumsworth, appeared and explained that his tribemates had starved to death, and he was the last survivor. Although disappointed at the lack of minions, Lloyd asked Pythor to work for him against the other Serpentine, and the latter agreed, due to Lloyd releasing him from the tomb. The villainous duo proceeded to engage in several shenanigans around Ninjago (including stealing candy, trespassing on grass, and other mischief) before Pythor suggested attacking Darkley's as payback for Lloyd's expulsion.

Lloyd and Pythor proceeded to invade the former's former boarding school, holding his former classmates hostage and setting up booby traps for the Ninja. Despite this, the Ninja eventually cornered them on the roof, where Pythor showed his true colors and stole the Map of Dens. Lloyd protested this action, but Pythor mocked his attempt to control the Serpentine before vanishing from sight, leaving Lloyd to be apprehended by the Ninja.

With Lloyd in their captivity, the Ninja planned to give him a severe punishment, only for Sensei Wu to take a different approach: reading a book to Lloyd and welcoming him aboard the Destiny's Bounty. Although the Ninja questioned this course of action at first, they soon realized that Sensei Wu was trying to turn his nephew away from the dark path he had chosen to follow, and Lloyd soon agreed to work with his uncle against the forces of evil.

Joining the Ninja

Can of Worms

Though no longer actively attempting to be evil, Lloyd retained a mischievous streak, which he expressed by performing various tricks against the Ninja: beating all of Kai's high scores in Fist to Face 2 and blaming Cole; putting extra spices in Cole's Violet Berry Soup and claiming Jay was behind it; tinkering with Jay's Sparring Robot and saying Zane did it; and putting Kai's clothes in Zane's laundry, turning the latter's suit pink. He even stole Sensei Wu's lesson book, forcing the old master to improvise a lesson when he broke up the Ninja's argument. Before anything further could be done about Lloyd, Nya called the group to the bridge, revealing her findings on the locations of the remaining Serpentine tombs. While Cole and Zane investigated the Constrictai Tomb, and Kai and Jay went to search the Venomari Tomb, Lloyd was forced to stay on the ship and clean up the mess his pranks had left.

Unfortunately, the Ninja failed to stop Pythor from releasing the remaining Serpentine tribes, with Lloyd blaming himself for starting the trouble by unleashing the first three. Sensei Wu comforted him by reminding him that the past cannot be changed, only the future, and the Ninja subsequently redeployed when Serpentine activity was detected in Ninjago City.

After a successful mission to prevent Pythor from uniting the Serpentine tribes, the Ninja were eating dinner when Lloyd arrived, having finally washed the pink out of Zane's ninja suit. He apologized for his pranking and gave Cole a can of nuts, only for the Black Ninja to refuse, believing it to be another prank. In doing so, however, Cole ended up walking into Lloyd's real prank - a pack of rubber snakes in the fridge - and Lloyd joined the others in laughing at the success.

The Snake King

At the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd is showing the Ninja how he would attack a Serpentine. The Ninja correct him excessively, and Lloyd asks Sensei Wu what the best way to defeat a Serpentine is. He tells the group that it was the Sacred Flute that Pythor stole, and that without it he is afraid that they will have a hard time fighting off the Serpentine. The alarm goes off and alerts the Ninja to Serpentine activity at the Mega Monster Amusement Park and Lloyd quickly offers to tag along, but Sensei Wu tells him to stay aboard the ship.

Later on Kai, who is patrolling Ninjago City for signs of Samurai X, drops Lloyd off at the Kiddie Arcade, much to Lloyd's protest. As Kai speeds off, Lloyd overhears the Serpentine being conviced to travel to The Lost City of Ouroboros. Lloyd dons a snake costume and follows the snakes on to a bus to the city. After a long drive, they reach the city, which is resting in the Sea of Sand. They all pile into a colosseum, where Pythor is announcing a Slither Pit. He tells the Serpentine that if he beats all the Generals at once, he wants their complete, undivided loyalty. Skales, who is secretly supporting Pythor, gives him the stolen Sacred Flute, which he uses during the fight. Lloyd notices this, yet continues to watch on regardless. Upon winning the fight, Pythor demands the Serpentine to bow, but Lloyd accidentally drops a part of his disguise in the process, alerting the Serpentine to his presence and allowing himself to be captured.

The Ninja, back at the Destiny's Bounty, are complaining about their failed attempts trying to capture the Samurai. Sensei Wu comes in, noting that Lloyd is not present. Kai tries to deflect the blame to Cole, who then tries to place it on Jay. Sensei Wu, who is utterly afraid of what might have become of his nephew, tells the Ninja to go find him. The Ninja begin to track down Lloyd, following security camera footage and footprints, and discover he has been captured at The Lost City of Ouroboros. Although they try to rescue him, they are forced to flee, leaving Lloyd behind with the Serpentine.

The Royal Blacksmiths

Lloyd was brought along when the Serpentine went to the Desert Pyramid in search of the second Silver Fangblade. Realizing that the pyramid is full of traps, Pythor forced Lloyd to find the Fangblade for him. Although Lloyd narrowly managed to make it to the center of the pyramid, he discovered that the Fangblade was missing. He reported this to the Serpentine, who presumably extracted him from the pyramid before continuing their hunt for the Fangblade.

The Green Ninja

Lloyd was brought along when the Serpentine discovered the third Fangblade in the volcano behind the Fire Temple. As Pythor excavated the artifact, the Ninja arrived, along with Lord Garmadon, who had allied with them in order to save his son. During the resulting battle, Pythor had a group of Constrictai burrow into the volcano to destabilize it, and the snakes carried Lloyd on their way out of the volcano. Before the Serpentine could escape, Lord Garmadon attacked them, successfully freeing Lloyd. Unfortunately, another tremor caused part of the ledge to crumble, leaving Lloyd stranded on a rock in the increasingly-unstable sea of lava.

As Lloyd floated on his perch, he saw Kai trying to retrieve the Fangblade as everyone else escaped. He begged Kai to help him, giving him a moment of indecision, but the Red Ninja eventually agreed, leaving the Fangblade to sink into the lava as he pulled Lloyd from the sinking stone. As the volcano erupted around them, Kai unlocked his True Potential at last, using his new abilities to shield himself and Lloyd as they flew back to the Destiny's Bounty.

Once the ship was safely away from the eruption, Lloyd was finally able to reunite with his father, who thanked Kai for the rescue. As Kai explained that he unlocked his True Potential by realizing his destiny was to protect, not become, the Green Ninja, the Golden Weapons began to glow. When held in front of Lloyd, the weapons floated in front of him and crackled with green lightning, revealing that Lloyd himself was the Green Ninja. Lloyd's surprised pleasure soon turned sour, however, as Lord Garmadon realized that this meant he would have to fight his own son in the final battle for control of Ninjago.

All of Nothing

On the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd discovers Lord Garmadon attempting to steal information on the Ninja while the group is out on a mission, and the two argue. The two are interrupted, however, when Nya attempts to call in, requesting reinforcements. Lord Garmadon attempts to answer her plea but Lloyd, in his frustration, tells his father that they don't need his help and to leave instead. Lloyd dresses up in his green ninja suit and sets out to help his friends.

Lloyd arrives at the Serpentine's Underground Fortress but is powerless to help his allies. Just before he is captured, however, Lord Garmadon arrives with the Skulkin Army who battle against the Serpentine. Lloyd frees the Ninja from their cage, and together they steal the four Fangblades and return back to Destiny's Bounty where Lord Garmadon departs, leaving Lloyd upset, but proud of his father.

The Rise of The Great Devourer

During a storm on the way to Torchfire Mountain, Lloyd was training below deck on the Bounty when Pythor appears. He tied the struggling boy to the training equipment and duct taped his mouth shut. Lloyd eventually managed to free himself and warn the Ninja that Pythor was onboard, but by then, the Snake King had already hacked the ships system. Lloyd ran on deck to confront Pythor, who had by then taken the fang blades. Lloyd attempts to battle the snake, to which Pythor critiques his childish fighting skills. Lloyd explains, though, that he was only trying to distract him, and it is then that Nya in her Samurai suit arrives. The Serpentine general escapes, though, and Lloyd and Nya watch as he flies off on a Rattlecopter. Lloyd is told to stay on the Bounty while the others chase Pythor to the Lost City of Ouroboros, and he flies the ship there right behind them.

Day of the Great Devourer

Lloyd and his friends bore witness as the Great Devourer rose from Ouroboros and began terrorizing Ninjago. After attempting to thwart it, they formed an unlikely alliance with Lloyd's father, who destroyed the Devourer with the Golden Weapons before departing with them. After finding Sensei Wu mercifully alive, Lloyd recognized that he would eventually have to face his father to save Ninjago, but was comforted by his friends.

Becoming the Green Ninja

Darkness Shall Rise

With the Devourer defeated, the Ninja found themselves with a new problem: the loss of the Bounty during their battle with the Devourer meant that they no longer had a place to live. While Nya and Wu left town to find parts for the Ultra Sonic Raider, Lloyd and the others sought out new living arrangement, and after visiting a tiny dwelling were shown a massive apartment that seemed perfect for their needs. Unfortunately, the older Ninja became so busy working so that they could afford their new home that they were unable to train Lloyd. Worse yet, Lloyd was targeted by the Anacondrai Generals for abduction in an effort to regain leadership of the tribes after they sided with Lloyd's father. Fortunately, Nya and Wu arrived in time to save him, and the other Ninja soon chose to relocate to the smaller apartment they had been shown earlier.

Pirates Vs. Ninja

The next morning, Lloyd trained with the Ninja in their apartment, though they soon realized their situation was unsuitable to properly prepare him for the final battle. After Lloyd learned from Nya that the Ultra Dragon would belong to him, the Ninja began searching Ninjago City and soon came across Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo where they made an agreement with Dareth to train there.

Their first session there proved successful as Lloyd was even able to use the power of the Scythe of Quakes without the Golden Weapon. As the Ninja exited the dojo, they were surprised to find the Destiny's Bounty passing by, rebuilt and commandeered by pirates. The Ninja boarded a city bus to pursue, though they refused to let Lloyd come along. Undeterred, Lloyd summoned the Ultra Dragon and used it to rescue Dareth as he fell off the flying vessel. The Green Ninja then jumped onto the ship and joined the Ninja during their fight against the pirates. Amidst the battle, Lloyd was able to unlock Spinjitzu for the first time, though with his powers still uncontrollable, he accidentally destroyed the ship's mast.

Double Trouble

The Ninja later received an unexpected letter from Lloyd's old school, claiming that they wished to honor Lloyd with a degree in response to his decision to become good. However, it turned out to be a trap orchestrated by Lloyd's former classmates, who had taken over the school after it had changed to good. Lloyd's classmates attempted to turn him back to the dark side, particularly after the Bizarro Ninja arrived looking to destroy their heroic counterparts. However, Lloyd helped them all to realize that each of them was secretly good, and they joined forces to help the true Ninja defeat their evil clones.

Ninjaball Run

While attempting to balance on one hand while also balancing his allies on top of himself, Lloyd's training was interrupted by a wrecking ball smashing through the wall of the dojo. Learning that Dareth's dojo was scheduled to be condemned due to unpaid bills, his allies realized that Lord Garmadon was behind the plan, in hopes of leaving the Ninja with nowhere to train. To save the dojo, the Ninja decided to enter the annual Ninjaball Run, which offered a substantial amount of money for the victor.

Lloyd entered the race astride the Ultra Dragon, while his fellow Ninja entered in the Ultra Sonic Raider. Although they were left in the dust early on (due to sabotage by Brad and Gene), they quickly began to close in on the competition as they entered Crashcourse Canyon. Lloyd was so busy trying to catch up, he didn't realize that Lord Garmadon had entered the race until the Ultra Dragon bumped into the Black Bounty, ruining its shot on the Raider. Following this incident, Lloyd and the other Ninja decided to work together to get in the lead.

As the competitors entered Birchwood Forest, Lloyd flew the Ultra Dragon high into the sky to look ahead. He spotted a shortcut for the Ultra Sonic Raider, only to be yanked out of the air by the bone hand of the Skull Truck (although this also caused Kruncha and Nuckal to crash). The Ninja were forced to carry on without Lloyd while he tended to the rattled Ultra Dragon.

After the Ultra Dragon recovered, Lloyd flew back to Ninjago City, where the Ninja had narrowly defeated Lord Garmadon to win the race. Noticing that the Black Bounty was unoccupied, Lloyd landed the Ultra Dragon on the ship and claimed it for the Ninja once more. Unfortunately, Garmadon escaped when Skales turned up in the Serpentine Bus, but Lloyd was still able to share a hearty laugh with his friends as Dareth gleefully celebrated their victory by diving into the large, money-filled trophy.

Child's Play

Soon after, Lloyd watched some children play ball in Jamanakai Village as the Bounty flew past, but was ordered by the Ninja to train soon after. Shortly into their training however, Nya reported that Garmadon had been spotted at the history museum, though Lloyd was forbidden to accompany them as usual.

The next day the Ninja still had not returned and though Lloyd was supposed to be reading a training manual, he instead read an issue of Starfarer when Sensei and Nya left to search for their missing comrades.

Still awaiting word from the Ninja, Lloyd turned to playing video games around the time he received a phone call from Jay ordering the Green Ninja to Buddy's Pizza and to bring their weapons. Lloyd obeyed and was stunned to discover upon arriving that the other four had been turned into kids by Garmadon's Mega Weapons. Worse, the weapon had also awoken a Grundle which was now after the Ninja.

Seeking help to defeat their foe, Lloyd brought the other Ninja to Doomsday Comix where he asked Rufus MacAllister for advice. Determining that Illumiswords would be needed in stopping it, Lloyd entered in the Fritz Donnegan trivia battle-royale to win them. The Green Ninja made it to the final round, but as he had not read the latest issue of Starfarer, he lost to another fan.

It was then that the Grundle attacked and the Ninja bravely protected the other fans present. Wu and Nya soon arrived with Tomorrow Tea and gave it to Lloyd to use on the Grundle. The Ninja urged him not to use it as it would also turn the Green Ninja older as well, causing him to loose the rest of his childhood. Accepting it as his fate, Lloyd used the Tomorrow's Tea, thus destroying the creature but aging him significantly as well.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

In his new teenage form, Lloyd discovered that he had become a far more efficient ninja, learning quickly and displaying a new motivation for training. He rapidly became skilled enough to battle all four of his peers simultaneously, although he still made the occasional basic error. After one such error - concentrating on blocking Kai's sword, allowing the Red Ninja to pull the blade away and cause him to fall - Lloyd expressed regret for not taking his training seriously before the Grundle incident, but Sensei Wu assured him that they could only change the future, not the past.

One day, the Falcon returned to the Destiny's Bounty with troubling footage - Lord Garmadon and the Serpentine were back in the Lost City of Ouroboros, apparently preparing for a final battle. Lloyd accompanied the Ninja, Nya, and Sensei Wu to the city that night, where they confronted Lord Garmadon. Lloyd jumped in as his father tried to use the Mega Weapon, firing an ice beam to freeze the tip of the staff. He took Garmadon's shock at his older appearance in stride, commenting that he'd "grown a little" since their last meeting. Before the heroes could attack, Lord Garmadon fled, leaving a group of Serpentine soldiers to attack them.

The Ninja quickly defeated the snakes and pursued Lord Garmadon, only to find an empty room and a strange portal before them. Suddenly, the City of Ouroboros began to sink into the sand, and Lloyd realized that he could not feel his hands. Everyone realized that Lord Garmadon had traveled into the past, attempting to negate Lloyd's destiny by preventing the Ninja from becoming a team. As the other four Ninja leaped into the portal to stop Garmadon's time tampering, Lloyd joined Nya and Sensei Wu in fleeing the city before they were buried alive.

Lloyd presumably returned to the Destiny's Bounty and waited for his friends. During his wait, his destiny was repeatedly altered by the actions of the Ninja and Lord Garmadon in the past, causing him to disappear and reappear aboard the ship. Eventually, however, the Ninja managed to restore the past to its original form by destroying Garmadon's Mega Weapon with the Golden Weapons of the past.

When the timestream repaired itself, the Ninja were taken back to the previous night, at the beginning of their training session with Lloyd. Lloyd himself arrived late, but barely had a chance to apologize before the other Ninja hugged him, visibly relieved. He was puzzled by their talk, wondering why he wouldn't be here with them, and his confusion only grew when they began speaking of Lord Garmadon's Mega Weapon - its destruction in the past had erased his memories of it. Eventually, however, the Ninja told Lloyd not to worry about the past and prepare for the future, although Lloyd still felt like he was missing some sort of joke.

The Stone Army

On a Wednesday morning, Lloyd and the other Ninja were met by Sensei Wu who informed them that the Ultra Dragon made a mess outside. Though Lloyd played a game of rock, paper, clams against the other Ninja, he ended up having to clean up the mess outside. However before he could take care of it, Nya rushed in and told the Ninja of an emergency at the Ninjago Museum of History.

When the Ninja arrived, the museum's director revealed them that the Great Devourer's venom had seeped into the sewer system and leaked into the museum and brought the Stone Warrior merchandise to life. The Ninja then dealt with the little miniatures, though made a mess in the process. Once finished, they met up with Wu who had stumbled upon Lloyd's mother, Misako. Still enraged that she left him when he was young, Lloyd stormed off into another room to be alone.

Misako eventually found Lloyd sitting at the edge of a bottomless sinkhole exhibit, where she Misako explains that she abandoned him in order to learn everything about the Green Ninja prophecy, knowing that Lloyd would be the Green Ninja and wanting to stop him and his father from fighting the final battle. She then told him of the First Spinjitzu Master's battle with the Overlord.

Then, while the Museum Director showcases the new Stone Warrior Statue exhibit, some of the Great Devourer's venom drips from the ceiling and onto the exhibit, bringing it to life. As Misako tells them that there is no hope to prevent Lord Garmadon and Lloyd's fight, the Stone Warrior starts rampaging through the Museum and confronts the ninja. They try to fight it off, which was ineffectual, and they are forced to flee the room and run through the museum as they try devising a plan to defeat it. They stop inside a large room and close the doors, and as the Stone Warrior begins to break it down, Lloyd suddenly comes up with a plan and tells the Ninja to distract it. Lloyd leaves the room and the Stone Warrior breaks in.

At the museum, Misako decides to help Lloyd by leading the Stone Warrior to Lloyd's location. After she meets up with him, Lloyd manages to trick the Stone Warrior into stepping over the fake floor paneling, revealing the giant sinkhole where it was unearthed. Once the warrior falls, Misako tells Lloyd that she is proud of her son, and when Sensei Wu arrives he asks her to stay with them, to which she accepts.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Lloyd was training to fight without using his eyes (messing up Dareth's Dojo in the process) when Ninjago City was hit by a strong earthquake. The Ninja saved a woman who was trapped by the collapsing street as Misako realized that, according to the prophecies, the earthquakes are a warning. Soon after, an army of Stone Warriors emerged from underground (accidentally awoken by the Great Devourer's venom and released from their tomb by Skales' Serpentine) and wreak havoc over the city. At Sensei Wu's instruction, Lloyd and the other Ninja held off the warriors as best as they could while the citizens evacuated to the roof of the NTV office building.

The Last Voyage

The ninja sail to the dark island via flightless Destiny's Bounty. Along the way they run into a storm and ship-eating Starteeth. When the storm passes the ship (without a rudder and a hole in the side) runs ashore on an island with a prison tower. When the ninja get to the top, Dr. Julien greets them and takes them in. Inside he seats them and haves a robot serve them tea. There, Dr. Julien tells Zane what happened after his apparent death.

After Dr. Julien turned off Zane's memory switch, he really did pass away, but Samukai revived him with a special elixir, and in return, requested that he create the Skeleton Army's vehicles. When Dr. Julien refused, Samukai locked him in the prison tower with a Leviathan to keep guard, promising the doctor if he did what he said, he would see Zane again. However, time elapsed.

After he finished telling his story, the Leviathan comes and sends out a tentacle with eyes to check on Dr. Julien, while the others hide. After it goes away, Dr. Julien and the ninja work together to fix the Bounty's rocket boosters.

As the Bounty takes off, the Leviathan grabs the ship. Zane jumps into the water and frees the creature from its chains using star teeth. Freed, the Leviathan lets the Bounty go, and the Ninja all sail off back to Ninjago.

Island of Darkness

The ninja finally arrive on the Island of Darkness, where the Stone Army is preparing for the final battle. Lord Garmadon oversees the army's mining of Dark Matter, pure evil in the heart of the island, in order to build a superweapon that can turn the tide of the war.

On the Destiny's Bounty, the Ninja learn that the Temple of Light is where they can receive their elemental powers and where Lloyd can gain the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master technique: the Golden Dragon, a fighting style practiced only by the First Spinjitzu Master. In order to do this, the ninja must use a medallion to find the temple, where Lloyd must strike the Instrument of Peace. The Ninja prepare to head out, but Sensei Wu tells Lloyd to stay behind - they cannot risk starting the final battle early by having him encounter his father. The sensei also tells his pupils to remain stealthy at all costs, as Garmadon does not yet know they are here - unbeknownst to the heroes, The Overlord has sensed their presence, and tells Lord Garmadon to find them before they can reach the Temple of Light.

Dr. Julien and Nya begin building new vehicles for the Ninja: a power drill for Cole and a robot for Kai. As the Stone Army searches the island and Sensei Wu, Misako, Dr. Julien and Lloyd guard the hidden Bounty, the Ninja infiltrate Lord Garmadon's camp, only for Zane to rush off when he notices his Falcon. He retrieves it, but is spotted and the other Ninja have to save him. Running from the army, they narrowly escape and go back to get the machines. On the bright side, Jay was able to find the Temple of Light by aligning three lights with the holes in the medallion - the temple is at the top of the island's highest mountain.

With their new vehicles, the Ninja head for the Temple of Light, barely keeping ahead of the Stone Army. Inside the Temple, they find pictures on the walls depicting their journey from the past until the present. Further in is a great bell, hanging above a strange design on the floor bearing the Ninja's symbols. Realizing that it's the Instrument of Peace, Lloyd strikes it, causing a light to shine on him and beams of energy to reflect off crystals in the walls. Soon, the entire room is crisscrossed with beams, and one hits a pillar, making it glow brightly. At the foot of the pillar, Kai's armor transforms, and a Dragon Sword with the power of Fire appears in his hand.

In rapid succession, Zane, Cole and Jay undergo similar transformations, regaining their powers over Ice, Earth, and Lightning, respectively. As their swords manifest blades representing their respective elements, Lloyd rises into the air. The Ninja use their swords to send their elemental powers to Lloyd, who glows brightly as a golden dragon appears for a split second. When the light fades, Lloyd lands on the ground, wearing a new suit similar to the other four Ninja, and with his true powers unlocked.

The Stone Army finally marches into the Temple, but the Ninja are more than ready for them - using their new elemental powers, they easily trounce the warriors. Kai beats up some soldiers within a ring of fire, Jay electrocutes a whole line of enemies with a single touch, Zane tricks a group of his foes into turning themselves into an ice pillar, and Cole swallows his opponents in a mound of dirt. Finally, Lloyd summons the power of the Golden Dragon, creating a brilliant light that frightens the remaining stone soldiers into retreat.

Lloyd's powers cause a golden dragon to appear on the roof of the Temple, roaring mightily. From the Bounty, Sensei Wu and the others celebrate, knowing that their friends have succeeded. Atop the mountain where the Celestial Clock resides, Lord Garmadon comments that the Stone Army isn't as invincible as they thought. The Overlord is unfazed, telling Lord Garmadon that their strength grows along with the Ninja; the Ultimate Weapon will be completed just as the Celestial Clock reaches the end of its countdown. The Overlord assures Garmadon that the Ultimate Weapon will ensure that nothing will prevent the triumph of darkness, as the Celestial Clock's hands get ever closer to the skull emblem marking the time of the final battle.

The Last Hope

Back at the beach, Dr. Julien repairs the Falcon, while the Ninja celebrate their restored powers by shooting down coconuts. The party is interrupted by Sensei Wu, who chastises the Ninja for their unseemly mirth; they may have the power to defeat the Stone Army, but the Celestial Clock is still counting down to the final battle between light and darkness. At that, Misako reveals a way to at least delay the battle: if the Helmet of Shadows is returned to its pedestal, the countdown might stop long enough for them to gain an advantage. Risking everything, the Ninja disguise themselves as Stone Warriors and escort Misako to Lord Garmadon's camp. As General Kozu takes Misako to his master's tent, the disguised Ninja are put to work carrying Dark Matter to the superweapon. The weapon is surrounded by a wooden wall, but the Ninja notice one protruding detail - a very large cannon - and ponder what Garmadon plans to attack with it.

Meanwhile, Misako appears before Garmadon, who notes that the Stone Army would never be able to catch her - unless she wanted to be caught. Using her husband's lingering affection for her, Misako convinces Garmadon to remove the Helmet, allowing her to steal it. At the same time, the Ninja are discovered when Cole attacks a Stone Soldier, forcing them to fight their way back down to the entrance as Misako rejoins them.

Before the group can flee, an enraged Garmadon stomps onto the scene, piloting a massive, four-armed robot that proves invulnerable to the Ninja's new elemental powers. Luckily, Nya arrives in the Power Drill just in time, explaining that the repaired Falcon saw that they needed her help. The Ninja make their escape with Misako and Nya, but the Stone Army pursues them until the Overlord reminds Lord Garmadon that the Ninja could turn the army against him if they don the Helmet. Unknown to the villains, Jay has done just that, only to quickly remove it when the others point out that he could be corrupted by the dark headgear.

When the Power Drill emerges in the jungle, Garmadon is quick to pursue. After a frantic chase that ends in the Power Drill being disabled momentarily, Garmadon goes for the kill, only for Lloyd to blast it with his powers. Lord Garmadon emerges from the wreckage, weakened and vulnerable; from the Power Drill, the Ninja encourage Lloyd to finish him off. Despite everything at stake, the Green Ninja is unable to strike the fatal blow, forcing him to jump aboard the Power Drill as the Ninja make their escape from the advancing Stone Army.

At the Celestial Clock, the Ninja meet with Sensei Wu and desperately look for the Helmet's pedestal with minutes to spare. As the Stone Army arrives, the Ninja find the pedestal and replace the Helmet, but it's one second too late; the countdown has ended and the final battle is upon them. As the clock fires a mighty energy flare inland, the Stone Army captures Nya and the Ninja are sent down into a crevasse. Surviving the fall, the Ninja head off to prepare for the final battle, with Jay angered at Nya's capture and Lloyd ashamed of his hesitation. Meanwhile, Lord Garmadon sees the laser aimed at his camp, and demands to know what is going on. The Overlord tells him that their superweapon is complete and his to command. The two villains return to the camp as the energy from the clock forms a sphere, completing the ultimate weapon of the forces of darkness: the Garmatron. Lord Garmadon declares that it's more beautiful than even he could imagine, and joins the Overlord in laughing in anticipation of their imminent victory.

Return of the Overlord

Lloyd was still dejected over the prospect of fighting his father, but Sensei Wu reminded him that it was his destiny as the Chosen One - all of Ninjago depended on his victory. Misako added that Lord Garmadon is just as reluctant at the prospect of battling his son, and the other Ninja pledge their assistance in the final fight. Reinvigorated by his friends' support, Lloyd led the charge on Lord Garmadon's base camp, only to find it deserted. Realizing that Garmadon plans to use his ultimate weapon to corrupt Ninjago itself with darkness, Lloyd resolved that they can't let Lord Garmadon fire a single shot.

With the other Ninja battling a Dark Matter-corrupted Nya, Lloyd, Misako, and Sensei Wu ran to the shores of the Island of Darkness, where Lord Garmadon was preparing to fire his first shot. They begged Garmadon to reconsider his path, but he insisted that the only way they can be together again is if he corrupts the entire world with the same evil that has consumed his being. With the Garmatron warming up its main cannon, Lloyd jumped aboard to confront his father; however, General Kozu pinned him down long enough for the Garmatron to fire. Lloyd attempted to summon his powers to break free, but Lord Garmadon activated a trap door that drops both the Green Ninja and the Stone General out of the Garmatron.

With more of Ninjago being darkened by the moment, Lloyd lamented his failure, but Sensei Wu assured him that he did his best. Moments later, Lord Garmadon underwent a gruesome transformation as the Overlord began manifesting in the mortal realm again; Sensei Wu explained that the Overlord has possessed Lord Garmadon's body. Misako warned her son that the Overlord will show no mercy, but the recently-arrived Ninja offered their support once again - with renewed determination, Lloyd led them in attacking the Stone Army.

Lloyd himself leaped atop the Garmatron and challenged the Overlord to battle. The Overlord knocks Lloyd off of the tank. Their battle continues on the beach, briefly clashing with energy beams before Lloyd dodges and blasts his foe into the jungle. The Overlord quickly recovers and flies above the trees, delivering a brutal tackle that sends Lloyd flying. The Overlord gloats that he can keep this up for eternity, but Lloyd is alone - in response, Lloyd removes his mask and asserts that his father will never hurt him. Lord Garmadon briefly asserts himself from within the Overlord, begging Lloyd to stay strong - the Overlord's confusion and shock gives Lloyd an opportunity to take the offensive. As they clash with their energy beams once more, Lloyd calls out to his father, whose struggles cause the Overlord to falter. As Lloyd pushed his power to the limit, the Overlord roared that his father was gone. This remark unnerved the Green Ninja for a second, leaving him defenseless for the Overlord's next strike. He was quickly trapped in a sphere of dark energy by his foe and hurled him across the beach, knocked unconscious by the fall.

Later, Lloyd awoke and asked if he won as he struggled to his feet. Wu informed him that while he had been defeated, he was still alive. As the Green Ninja stumbled about confused about the prophecy, he noticed a plank for the Bounty with the symbol for "destiny" inscribed on it. Lloyd notes to the others that while they lost the fight, they haven't yet lost the battle.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Although Lloyd's injured leg was bandaged by Dr. Julien, he was still left with a noticeable limp as he regrouped with his disheartened allies. He encouraged them to keep fighting, despite the hopelessness of their situation, and succeeded in restoring the heroes' morale just in time for the Falcon to arrive with new information.

Hitching a ride on Kai's Fire Robot, Lloyd and his friends returned to the Temple of Light, where they activated a hidden mechanism that revealed the Golden Mech. When Lloyd sat in the cockpit, his powers as the Chosen One restored the ancient machine to fighting form. With the Ultra Dragon's arrival to the Island of Darkness, the group was able to return to Ninjago City, only to find it infected with Dark Matter and ruled by the Overlord, now restored to his monstrous true form.

While his allies drew the Stone Army's fire airborne, Lloyd charged the fortress from ground level and burst through the outer wall with the Golden Mech. He was quickly brought down by Nya, forcing the Ninja to drop down to aid him against the Stone Army. Despite their fighting prowess, the heroes were almost overwhelmed by the Stone Army, only to be saved when Dareth donned the Helmet of Shadows and took command of the ancient soldiers.

Lloyd proceeded to ascend the tower with the other Ninja, only to watch them fall victim to the Overlord's corruption. With his last ally -Kai- occupied with distracting Nya, Lloyd was forced to limp up to the top of the tower alone, where the Overlord was waiting. Despite the seemingly-impossible odds, Lloyd boldly challenged the dark dragon, creating a shield of energy to block the Overlord's dark flames. Summoning all of his strength and resolve to win, Lloyd unlocked the full font of his hidden powers, becoming the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.

In his newly-empowered form, Lloyd proved to be a match for the much larger Overlord, blocking his enemy's blows and retaliating with mighty punches and kicks that sent the beast flying off the tower. To pursue the Overlord, Lloyd summoned the Golden Dragon, which he used to carry the Overlord high over Ninjago. Infuriated, the Overlord enveloped Lloyd and his mount in a massive sphere of darkness before attempting to eat them, but Lloyd concentrated his powers within the dragon's mouth, releasing an explosion of light that obliterated the Overlord.

In the aftermath of the Overlord's defeat, all of his creations and corruption vanished. Lloyd reunited with his allies in the crater left by the Garmatron's disappearance, but his jubilation was muted by his sorrow over the apparent loss of his father. No sooner had Misako comforted him, however, did Garmadon himself reappear, purified of both the Overlord's possession and the Great Devourer's venom. After a moment of bewilderment, Lloyd happily welcomed his father back, before leaving with Garmadon and Misako to catch up on the family bonding time they had been denied for so long.

Ninjago at Peace

Following the Overlord's defeat, Lloyd accepted several medals and achievements as the Golden Ninja for his victory. His father also abandoned the title of Lord and began going by Sensei Garmadon, and swore an oath of nonviolence.

In the Digital Age

The Surge


Lloyd returns

Lloyd heard word from Nya that the Ninja were in trouble, and raced to New Ninjago City on the Golden Dragon to help. He used his Golden Power to temporarily disable the Security Mechs and reunited with the Ninja. Their reunion was quickly interrupted by the revived Digital Overlord, whom Lloyd declared that since he defeated him once, he could defeat him again. As the Security Mechs powered up, the Overlord stated that he didn't want to fight, he only wanted the Golden Ninja's power. Lloyd prepared to attack the mechs again, but was stopped by Wu who realized that the golden power was only making them stronger. Their sensei then ordered the Ninja to flee the city while he tricked the Overlord, and Lloyd rode the Golden Dragon away.

The Art of the Silent Fist

Heading to his parents' monastery with the others, Lloyd was given a new green gi by Nya that would disguise him from the Overlord's face recognition software. The group then visited Garmadon during a lesson, and Lloyd volunteered to face his father in a demonstration of the Art of the Silent Fist. Garmadon easily avoided his son's blows, and Lloyd let his temper get the better of him and nearly unleashed an elemental blast. The monastery was then attacked by the Overlord's new Nindroids, whom Lloyd was unable to battle effectively due to his Golden Power granting them greater strength.

After managing to escape, the heroes split up: the Ninja setting out to shut down the Wind Farms Power Station that energized the Nindroids and the rest of the Overlord's machinery, while Lloyd and his father sought to get as far from New Ninjago City as possible. To that end, Lloyd and Garmadon traveled to Nya's Samurai X Cave and used her car to accelerate their travels. Unfortunately, while passing through the Rice Fields, they were attacked by the Overlord's Nindroid MechDragon, and only escaped due to the Ninja and Nya accomplishing their own task. With no power, they continued their journey on foot, fearing that the Overlord might still pose a threat.


Father and son found themselves traveling through the mountains, where Garmadon tried to impress upon Lloyd that he had potential beyond his Golden Power, including the ability to move mountains. However, Lloyd expressed little interest in learning the finer nuances of the powers he possessed as heir of the First Spinjitzu Master, being content with the abilities granted him by his Golden Power. As the two continued their journey, however, they came across a Ravture nest with a chick in it, and Lloyd angered both his father and the adult Ravture by attempting to aid the youngling when it fell out of the nest. However, Lloyd then employed his power to move mountains, much to his father's pleasure. Unfortunately, the Falcon then arrived with news that the Overlord was still at large, and the duo made their way towards Hiroshi's Labyrinth. Unbeknownst to them, this was part of their enemies' plans, and they began to zero in on the Garmadons' location.

The Curse of the Golden Master

As Lloyd and his father made their way through the labyrinth, Garmadon tried to impress upon Lloyd the importance of safeguarding the Golden Power. He warned him that his friends might one day seek it for themselves, and that he would eventually have to carry the burden without even his father beside him. Lloyd became despondent at the thought, and his father encouraged him with the legend of the Jewel of the Labyrinth, an oasis that had supposedly never been seen within the depths of the jungle maze. The pair eventually came across it, only to be attacked by a force of Nindroids led by Sensei Wu, who had been turned into an evil cyborg by the Overlord.

While his father engaged Wu, Lloyd used his powers to produce an elemental cycle that he used to try and escape. Unfortunately, his father was captured by Wu and taken aboard the reactivated MechDragon, and his attempt to rescue him was thwarted by a hooded figure. The stranger then threw back his hood to reveal a horrifyingly familiar visage: Pythor, who had survived being eaten by the Great Devourer but had his scales bleached due to nearly being digested. The villains then took Lloyd aboard the MechDragon and dumped his father overboard, leaving Lloyd thinking his father had drowned.

Enter the Digiverse

The Overlord wasted no time in beginning to drain Lloyd's Golden Power, a process that left Lloyd badly weakened. However, he was somehow contacted by Zane-and contacted him in turn-while the Ninja were attempting to erase the Overlord from within the Digiverse. The Ninja managed to reboot the system, causing the MechDragon to crash and freeing Lloyd, who soon made his way to a small village. He was soon contacted by the other Ninja and their allies, which-to his amazement-included his father.

Codename: Arcturus

Realizing he couldn't hold the Golden Power by himself anymore, Lloyd decided to return to the Temple of Light to distribute it back to the four Ninja, thus restoring their elemental powers.

As the Ninja began their search for Pythor and his Nindroid forces, Lloyd used his bike to search the Toxic Bogs, then continued to the Glacier Barrens but to no avail.

Lloyd eventually returned to Borg Tower after Kai had been captured by Pythor, and brainstormed with the others what Project Arcturus - the codename for a plan the Anacondrai intended to launch that very night - could be. They soon realized that he intended to use a rocket to retrieve the Golden Weapons to make the Overlord into the Golden Master, and raced to Ouroborus to stop him.

Upon reaching the Serpentine City, the four Ninja located the rocket and freed Kai, though were unable to stop the launch. Desperate to stop the Golden Master, Lloyd convinced the other Ninja to stow away with him on the rocket.

The Void

Shortly after the rocket entered space, Lloyd and the other Ninja came into contact with Wu, Nya, Garmadon, and P.I.X.A.L. who had returned to Borg Tower and recovered the rocket's blueprints. After Zane secured the other Ninja spacesuits, Lloyd lead them towards the cockpit to take command of the vessel. However before they could reach it, Cryptor dispatched several Nindroids to stop them while he piloted the rocket into the tail of the comet.

When Lloyd and the other Ninja awoke, they found themselves on the comet not too far from where Arcturus had landed, though Cryptor had taken the launch key. Lloyd discovered lunar rovers in the cargo hold and the Ninja set out crammed in one to find where the Nindroids had gone. They soon arrived in a large cave where the Golden Weapons had landed, though before they could reach the launch key, the Ninja fell under attack by a swarm of extraterrestrial beetles. The Nindroids used this to their advantage to escape, but Lloyd and the others pursued, only to arrive at the launch site to find Arcturus destroyed by the bugs, thus stranding them on the comet.

The Titanium Ninja

The Tournament of Elements

The Invitation

Lloyd is shown to have continued training under Sensei Wu and Cyrus Borg, including being pitted against surviving or new Nindroids in a simulated mission to obtain the Golden Armor. To Wu's dismay, Lloyd was the only one of the Ninja to show up for the training exercise. Lloyd soon set out to regather his scattered teammates, finding Jay hosting the Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever game show and pining over his apparently ended relationship with Nya. After informing him that Nya still spoke of him, he invited him to come back to the team. He then found Cole working as a lumberjack, and persuaded him to come back despite the rift between him and Jay.

Last of all he discovered Kai taking part in staged battles, feeling guilty over surviving while Zane had perished. After telling Kai that he had to let go of his self-centeredness, which manifested in this and in his previous need to be the Green Ninja, he invited him to return as well. The four ninja met at Chen's Noodle House, where Lloyd's suggestion that they look for a replacement for Zane was met with outrage by his colleagues. A handful of toughs then began menacing the cashier, and after beating them the ninja were led out into an adjacent alley where they found a note saying that Zane was still alive and that they were invited to take part in Master Chen's Tournament of Elements.

Following the invitation's instructions, Lloyd didn't tell his father about Chen, but Garmadon figured it out for himself and joined the ninja as they were about to depart on Chen's Ferry. He also recognized and introduced the ninja to Clouse, Chen's right-hand man. Once aboard, Garmadon revealed that there were other fighters with Elemental Powers descended from other Elemental Masters.

Only One Can Remain

Arriving at Chen's Island, Lloyd and the other ninja learned more about Chen and his history with Garmadon: the villain had once been Garmadon's sensei before betraying the humans of Ninjago during the Serpentine War. Lloyd noted that his father had never told him about this previously, and Garmadon responded that it wasn't until Lloyd had saved him that he had turned from his darker path. The ninja and the other Elemental Fighters soon learned the nature of the tournament: a series of ever-changing rounds that would eliminate the competitors. The first round soon commenced, with Lloyd and the other fighters seeking to retrieve Jadeblades, with the one who lacked a blade by the end being eliminated from the tournament.

Clouse attempted to sabotage Lloyd during this round, but his father's intervention enabled him to survive. The ninja soon set out to locate the missing Zane, meeting up in Kai's room before finding a way into the hidden catacombs within Chen's Palace. Jay and Kai discovered and made use of a peephole to observe rival competitor Skylor, something that Lloyd disapproved of, and were stunned to discover that she was apparently an Elemental Master of Fire. The group then disguised themselves as Anacondrai Cultists, and discovered that Chen was out to steal the Elemental Masters' powers for his Staff of Elements. Barely escaping detection and the Anacondrai Serpent, they managed to return to Kai's room.


As the tournament progressed, Lloyd and his father observed matches between the other Elemental Masters, including the bouts between Kai and Ash, Master of Smoke, and Neuro and Bolobo. During the latter, Lloyd discounted his father's comments about Neuro's abilities, fully believing that the Master of Nature would triumph. However, the Master of Mind proved the more formidable of the two. The Ninja then faced the misfortune of having the roster switched so that Cole and Jay wound up as opponents. Hoping to avoid this, Lloyd and his friends approached Neuro for help, and convinced him to try and read Chen's mind.

Neuro was able to learn that Chen and his cult were collecting the Elemental powers for an unknown spell. In the meantime, Lloyd and the others tried to convince Jay and Cole to at least fight honorably. The advice worked, and their friendship renewed, the pair refused to finish the battle. However, when they were left with a choice of both being eliminated or one forfeiting, Cole allowed Jay to take the Jadeblade and move on.

Ninja Roll

Following Cole's elimination, the ninja observed the bout between Skylor and Jacob Pevsner, during which they learned that Skylor was the master of Amber. Unfortunately, they soon had a new problem to deal with, as Chen took away everyone's privileges and blamed it on the ninja. After a failed attempt to sleep on super-hard beds, they were summoned to the next bout: Lloyd's match against Chamille. The pair were pitted against each other in a game of Thunderblade, with the other participants free to aid or sabotage them as they would. Still angry with the ninja, most of the participants sided with Chamille until the other ninja convinced them of Chen's nefarious intentions. Thus aided, Lloyd claimed victory and advanced to the next round.

Spy for a Spy

Fearing Chen's growing power, the ninja took some comfort in their growing alliance until Chen convinced the others that the Staff of Elements was intended as a prize for the winner of the tournament. Things became worse when Nya, who had infiltrated the island by posing as one of Chen's Kabuki, informed them that there was a spy in the alliance. The ninja set out to discover who the spy was, but could do nothing to confirm their suspicion that Shade was working for Chen.


The next round of the tournament saw Lloyd and the others being dispatched to capture Nya, who had been discovered by Chen's forces and been forced to go into hiding on the island. While aboard Chen's Blimp, they were dropped with a set of parachutes, but Garmadon's presence left them with one too few. Lloyd tried to summon his Energy Dragon but was unable to due to fear, but later succeeded after insuring that his father got a hold of a parachute. They soon discovered that Nya had left a false trail for their foes but Samurai X symbols for the benefit of her friends.

During their search for Nya, Lloyd learned of his father's history with Chen and Clause, including an occasion on which he had signed his name to a letter Wu had written to Misako. Learning that his father had never told his mother this, Lloyd encouraged him to come forward. Garmadon promised to do so, but they soon found Nya and learned Chen's true plan. Using one of Clouse's spells, he intended to transform his cult into a new Anacondrai Tribe.

The Forgotten Element

Confronted with the capture of all the other Elemental Masters, Lloyd found himself facing the seemingly impossible task of assaulting Chen's Fortress with only Garmadon and Nya to back him up. They soon attacked the fortress, and Lloyd went ahead while his father and Nya dealt with Clouse and the other minions. After being dropped into Chen's catacombs by a trap door, he was attacked by the Anacondrai Serpent and then apparently betrayed by Kai, who led him into a battle with Chen. With only his power over Energy against Chen's entire stolen collection of Elemental Powers, Lloyd was left on the ropes, and soon met defeat. Lloyd was soon brought before Chen to be drained of his powers, and questioned why Kai had betrayed him. Kai began to reassure him, but was forced to bluff when Clouse drew too close.

Chen then drained Skylor and Lloyd of their powers, completing his collection and allowing Clouse to begin casting the spell. However, Skylor-who had seen her father for the villain he was-teamed up with Kai, who obtained the Staff of Elements and freed Lloyd. Unfortunately, the sheer power of all the elements began to overwhelm Kai, and he ignored Lloyd's pleas to destroy the staff. Fortunately, the other Elemental Masters-who had escaped with Zane and Cole's help-arrived with Nya and Garmadon in tow, and the disruption allowed Kai to regain control. Kai quickly destroyed the staff, and the Elemental Masters all regained their powers and joined in battle against the cultists, but Chen and his inner circle escaped with Skylor as their captive.

The Day of the Dragon

Lloyd and his allies turned their attention to locating Chen and his remaining forces, but proved unsuccessful in doing so. Chen succeeded in casting the spell using Skylor's Elemental Powers, and he and all his minions were transformed into Anacondrai. Sadly, due to their previous servitude to Chen, Garmadon and Skylor were also transformed. After a brief battle in which they easily dominated the Elemental Masters, the new Anacondrai departed the island to invade Ninjago. Having destroyed every other mode of transportation capable of getting them home, the Ninja and their allies despaired, with Lloyd noting that only he possessed an Elemental Dragon. It was then that Zane arrived with his own newly discovered Titanium Dragon, revealing that each Elemental Master could summon one so long as they faced their fears. Armed with this knowledge, the Elemental Masters summoned their dragons and began flying back to Ninjago.

The Greatest Fear of All

Using their dragons, Lloyd and the other Elemental Masters-along with Nya, Garmadon, and Dareth-made their way back to Ninjago. To their surprise, the new Anacondrai had not yet attacked, and Skylor and Garmadon began to revert back to normal. Making their way back to the Samurai X Cave, they reunited with Misako and Wu, and began preparing for Chen's feared assault. Seeking answers, they turned to the one Anacondrai remaining: Pythor, an inmate of Kryptarium Prison. Their old foe was understandably reluctant to aid them, but eventually agreed on the condition that they return him to his normal size. Two of Chen's Anacondrai came looking for Pythor, seeking his essence to complete their transformations.

Lloyd joined his father and Wu in attempting to escape the prison with Pythor while the ninja engaged the Anacondrai. During this effort, they learned that Chen had lied to both sides during the Serpentine War in order to manipulate the conflict to his own advantage. Unfortunately, they were then forced to contend with the rest of Chen's Anacondrai forces. Sadly, they soon escaped with Pythor, and the others were forced to depart to prepare for the inevitable conflict. A convoy of Chen's noodle trucks soon appeared en route to New Ninjago City, only to split up and head to various settlements. The Elemental Masters, believing that the full Anacondrai army were aboard them, split up to pursue them.

Lloyd prevented one of the trucks from reaching Jamanakai Village-ironic given his own previous attack on it at the head of a force of Serpentine-and continued to pursue it as it headed away from the settlement. After bringing it to a halt, however, he made a horrifying discovery: there was only one Anacondrai aboard each truck. This left the majority of the army unaccounted for and the Elemental Masters far from the people they were supposed to defend. Overcome by fear, Lloyd lost control of his Elemental Dragon, which disappeared and failed to return at his command.

The Corridor of Elders

Lloyd attempted to contact the other Elemental Masters, but as Chen had taken over the airwaves, his efforts proved futile. He was consumed by fear, which prevented him from calling upon his Elemental Dragon. The Green Ninja commandeered the noodle truck and drove off, eventually encountering Neuro. Lloyd asked the Master of Mind to send a message to the fighters and they all soon met at the Samurai X Cave. There they conversed with Wu and Nya, and determined to make their stand against Chen's army at the Corridor of Elders.

Lloyd rallied support from citizens and Serpentine a the steps of the history museum before joining the other masters at the Corridor. He created a line at the point of no return and ordered those there to hold it against Chen's forces. Though those present fought bravely, Chen's forces eventually crossed the line. While the Ninja continued fighting, Pythor arrived with the Book of Spells and asked Lloyd to bring him to Garmadon, who could end the war permanently. Lloyd agreed and took the miniature Serpentine onto the Destiny's Bounty 2.0, but was horrified to learn that Pythor's plan involved Garmadon banishing himself to the Cursed Realm to release the Anacondrai Generals. Furious when his father agreed to the idea, Lloyd stormed away and attacked Chen's forces with rage. As he fought them, Lloyd reflected on all the times he had experienced with his father and promptly returned to recite the curse that would banish his father.

The plan worked, and Arcturus along with the other banished generals promptly sent Chen and his army to the Cursed Realm. Arcturus then approached Lloyd and thanked him for his efforts in uniting the Serpentine and Humans and restoring balance to Ninjago.

Later that day, Lloyd, Misako, Wu, and the other Ninja gathered around a fire and reflected on the man Garmadon was. Lloyd proceeded to burn the spell book and watched as workers carved Garmadon's image into the Corridor of Elders.


Winds of Change

Some time after the battle, Lloyd and the other Ninja used their Elemental Dragons to catch a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a nearby coastal village. They were successful in their efforts and soon returned to Wu's new tea shop "Steep Wisdom" where their Sensei asked the Ninja to hand out flyers. Lloyd agreed but was summoned to the museum by the police before he could do so.

Upon arriving at the museum, Lloyd was taken by the Night Watchman to one of the backrooms where he revealed that the Allied Armor of Azure was stolen. Lloyd however discovered that the guard was possessed by the ghost Morro who proceeded to take over the Green Ninja's body.

During Morro's battle against Kai, the Master of Fire was able to summon the Green Ninja's consciousness. However the red ninja was quickly pulled away by the Destiny's Bounty and Morro regained control over Lloyd's body.

Kingdom Come

Lloyd continued to fight Morro's possession as the Master of Wind went about his search for the tomb. During a fight for the Sword of Sanctuary between Kai and Morro, Lloyd regained enough control so that he was able to give the Master of Fire the sword before the possession took hold of him again.

The Crooked Path

Morro left Lloyd's body temporarily to instead possess Ronin to send a message to the Ninja. During this, Lloyd was locked away in a cage, though he claimed that Morro would have never become the Green Ninja.

Grave Danger

After the Ninja took the Realm Crystal, Morro left Lloyd's body in an extremly weak state and threatened to kill him if they didn't give him the crystal. After Kai tricked Morro when giving it to him, Morro let go of Lloyd, who then tried to attack the ghost, but was pushed into the cave river. He then stayed just above the water as the current pulled him through the cave, too weak to swim ashore. Kai and Cole followed Lloyd along the river, but because Kai couldn't swim, and Cole couldn't touch water, they hesitated in making a decision. Kai finally dove into the river, grabbing Lloyd, and was able to keep them both above the water, and just as they were about to plummet down a waterfall, Cole saved them, despite being doubtful at first. Now that Morro had both the Sword of Sanctuary and the Realm Crystal in his possession, as he fled the cave Cole was desperate to run after him, but the other ninja didn't want to, knowing that Lloyd was too fatigued to run with them. Despite the loss, they were determined to achieve victory in the battle with the ghosts.

Curse World - Part I

Lloyd and his friends returned to Steep Wisdom, only to find that Wu had sold it in order to finance new vehicles for his students provided by Cyrus Borg. The group soon set out to challenge the Ghost Warriors' occupation of Stiix with Nya leading the charge. While the other ninja provided a distraction that included Nya donning Lloyd's green gi, Lloyd attempted to sneak in and recover the Realm Crystal. After engaging Morro he managed to recover the crystal, but was interrupted as he attempted to destroy it by Morro, who tried to convince him that he would lose his father forever. Lloyd quickly realized that Garmadon would have willingly destroyed the crystal, but was seized by one of the emerging Preeminent's tentacles before he could accomplish the task.

Curse World - Part II

Lloyd found himself in the interior of the Cursed Realm, where he discovered his father imprisoned by unbreakable chains. Despairing over his defeat at Morro's hands, Lloyd was comforted by his father, who helped him find the courage to return to the fight also telling him that he would always be with him no matter where he is. Donning his father's sensei robes, Lloyd soon engaged Morro in battle again, gaining possession of the Sword of Sanctuary in the process. Due to Morro possessing the Realm Crystal, Lloyd wound up chasing him through a number of the Sixteen Realms, including the Dark Realm, the Underworld, Cloud Kingdom, and Chima.

Morro eventually returned to Ninjago alone, but he and the Preeminent were soon defeated by the remaining Ninja. Wu then used the recovered Realm Crystal to open a new portal that admitted Lloyd. He revealed that the Sword of Sanctuary had enabled him to see the outcome of the battle, thus making it unnecessary for him to follow Morro back to Ninjago. He then revealed that his father had apparently perished as a result of the Cursed Realm's destruction, but felt that he-and they-were "in a better place." Wu noted that his father's robes had given Lloyd wisdom, but that he would have to walk a long road to qualify for the title of sensei, something that Lloyd welcomed and accepted.



Public Enemy Number One


Misfortune Rising


Operation Land Ho!

While floating around in the Sword of Souls, Lloyd would be rescued alongside his fellow friends by Jay, with their release resulting in the defeat of several Sky Pirates converging on their location.

The Way Back

Lloyd and the other Ninja raced on to stop the wedding, but were too late and were forced to flee. Allying with Dogshank and Flintlocke, the Ninja confront the Djinn and were able to subdue him with Tiger Widow poison. When Jay made his final wish that Nadakhan was never released from the Teapot of Tyrahn, all the events and wishes made were erased, prompting Lloyd to return to the hospital rooftop where he got the strangest sense of deja vu. When asked if they still intended to stop Clouse, Lloyd hoped that he missed his train, and joined the other ninja in congratulating Jay and Nya.


Initially, Lloyd was a young boy with a blonde "bowlcut" hairstyle. He wore black pants, a purple sash around his waist, and a black shirt with white rib-like markings on the front, resembling the appearance of his father, Lord Garmadon. However, the illusion is negated by Lloyd's normal-looking face and hands, as well as the small green number "5" on the upper left side of his shirt.

While leaving Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, Lloyd stole a black hood and cape to make his outfit look more menacing. After moving in with the Ninja, he wore it periodically, primarily during his time in the Serpentine's captivity. When his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd mainly wore the green gi of the Chosen One.

After the Grundle incident exposed him to the aging effects of Tomorrow's Tea, Lloyd became a young man (around the same age as the other Ninja) with a deeper voice and a new hairstyle. He continued to wear his Green Ninja gi, with the addition of chest and shoulder armor similar to the other ZX Ninja. See here for Lloyd's appearances in other ninja suits.

As of "Curse World - Part I," Lloyd once again has civilian attire consisting of a green shirt, blue pants and a black jacket with his dragon symbol on the back. He wears a black fedora with a green stripe with it in Season 6.


Throughout his life, one constant of Lloyd's personality was his love for his father, Lord Garmadon. It was a desire to follow in his evil parent's footsteps that drove him to enroll in Darkley's School for Bad Boys - and later, to unleash the Serpentine upon Ninjago.

However, his attempts to become the next evil overlord of Ninjago were largely stymied by his inherently good personality - Lloyd's idea of "evil" was stealing candy, pulling pranks, and overseeing Ninjago from within a treehouse fortress, with his best attempt at an evil laugh being a rather melodramatic "Muhahahaha!" Lloyd's lack of true evil also showed in his demeanor around his Serpentine "minions;" he usually went along with whatever ideas they concocted, and was quick to call a retreat if the battle turned even slightly against his allies. He also displayed extreme naivety about their warlike society, expecting Skales to hand over the Hypnobrai Staff to Slithraa simply because the latter outranked him.

After being betrayed by Pythor and taking up residence on the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd's true nature began to emerge. Having been turned from the path of evil by Sensei Wu's guidance, he turned his thoughts to stopping the Serpentine threat (partially out of guilt for releasing the first three tribes in the first place). He retained a mischievous streak for a time, but quickly grew out of it after being forced to clean up the messes his pranks left. He also became eager to help the Ninja in any way he could, but his lack of combat talents and inexperience with battling the Serpentine meant that he was relegated to the ship during their missions. This desire to help led to Lloyd's capture when he blew his cover at the City of Ouroboros.

The revelation that he was destined to become the Green Ninja further increased Lloyd's eagerness to help - to his chagrin, this only meant that the Ninja had even less incentive to take him on missions. He was also forced to confront the fact that he was now destined to fight his father, Lord Garmadon, for the fate of Ninjago, causing him to alternate between regret and hostility towards the four-armed villain. Despite this, Lloyd continued to love his father, being saddened when Lord Garmadon had to leave the ship for good.

Lloyd underwent his most dramatic personality shift yet when he was aged to a teenager by Tomorrow's Tea. He became much more serious and calm than before, dedicating himself to his training and becoming a true part of the Ninja team. However, his misgivings about confronting his father only grew stronger, forcing Sensei Wu and Misako to constantly remind him that he had no choice. Despite this, Lloyd was unable to overcome his love for his father, leading to him failing to destroy Lord Garmadon when the latter was vulnerable. It was only when the Overlord took complete control of Garmadon's body was Lloyd able to discard his misgivings and access his full power.


Initially, Lloyd had no outstanding combat skills, being about as strong as a boy his age with no special training. His flair for dramatics and minor knowledge of Ninjago history allowed him to cow the public with bombastic threats and harmless tricks, but he proved helpless against enemies like the Ninja or the Serpentine, relying on strokes of luck and opportune distractions to get away from them unscathed. After joining the Ninja aboard the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd revealed a flair for pranks and video games, beating all of Kai's high scores in "Fist to Face 2" and nearly bringing the Ninja to blows by pranking each of them and blaming another Ninja.

After his destiny as the Green Ninja was revealed, Lloyd began developing some capability in hand-to-hand combat. However, his overenthusiastic approach to training and lack of a dedicated mentor (as the Ninja were concentrating on stopping the Serpentine from unleashing the Great Devourer) prevented him from becoming much of a threat to his enemies. However, Lloyd occasionally used his lack of skill to his advantage, tricking enemies into complacently mocking his wild posturing until his more powerful allies could join the fight (to allow himself to save the four ninja).

Lloyd's skills began advancing more rapidly after the Ninja defeated the Great Devourer and secured Dareth's dojo as a training site. He developed the ability to use Spinjitzu, enhanced fighting abilities, and a burgeoning ability to control all four elements. However, he did not come into his own until after being aged to a teenager, after which he gained the physical skill and mental focus to truly begin applying himself to his training.

By the time the Stone Army surfaced, Lloyd had grown significantly in all aspects of his fighting skill. In addition to a much more controlled Spinjitzu and far greater mastery of the elements, the Green Ninja had developed a tactical mind that allowed him to gain the upper hand against foes such as the Giant Stone Warrior. His powers were enhanced even further after the empowerment ritual in the Temple of Light, allowing him to overcome Lord Garmadon's Samurai Mech with a single beam.

When he became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Lloyd's powers reached their full devastating potential. He gained the ability to levitate in mid-air, incredible strength that allowed him to knock around the far larger Overlord, and the ability to summon the Golden Dragon from pure light energy. At the end of his battle with the Overlord, he charged his powers within the villain's supersized mouth, creating an explosion of light that utterly obliterated the dark dragon.

After losing his Golden Power to the Overlord and the other Ninja, Lloyd was left with just the element of Energy at a significantly weaker state, yet still stronger in offense than the other main elements. It is also Lloyd's true Elemental power.

Halfway through the fourth season, in Spellbound, Lloyd unlocked (or summoned for the first time onscreen) his Elemental Dragon of Energy. The dragon allows him to travel quickly through the air and shoot large blasts of Energy that deal devastating damage.

From Season 5 onward, Lloyd can perform Airjitzu along with the other Ninja.

On a far lesser note, Lloyd also seems to be somewhat skilled at sewing, assisting his fellow students in creating several ninja garbs in Double Trouble. At a more negative note, he cannot perform or imitate voices or accents as revealed in the sixth season.


In the cartoon, Lloyd rarely uses any weapons; his younger self tended to stay behind the front lines while his allies (first the Serpentine, then the Ninja) did the fighting. After becoming a ninja, he briefly wielded a Nin-Jô staff against Pythor in "The Rise of The Great Devourer," but generally remained out of direct combat. His older self continued to favor Spinjitzu, martial arts, and his elemental powers in battle, but he also briefly commanded the Golden Mech after its discovery in the Temple of Light. During his final battle with the Overlord, Lloyd also summoned the Golden Dragon to aid him in pursuing the villain to the skies. In season four, Lloyd used shurikens in a training battle against Nindroids, and he used a Jadeblade in a round of Thundeblade, when he was fighting Chamille in the Tournament of Elements. Lloyd then got the Sword of Sanctuary in "Curse World - Part ll" and used it to fight Morro in the other realms.

Lloyd had mainly used one major weapon, the Sword of Sanctuary, which he used in season five, while the other ninja (Excluding Nya) got more major weapons in the show.

In LEGO sets, Lloyd wields a variety of weapons. His younger self had a variety of interesting and debilitating weapons - such as the Blinding Staff, the Double-Bladed Axe, and the Spear of Forked Tongues - but he generally favored the Golden Viper and the Golden Bolt. His teenage form wielded the Super Bolt, but also wielded a Nin-Jo and both silver and golden katanas. As the Golden Ninja, Lloyd generally used an ornate golden sword resembling the Sword of Fire.


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  • According to his original Character Card, Lloyd's dominant element is Lightning, explaining why he was shown using the Nunchucks of Lightning in Zane's dream in Never Trust a Snake and why the Golden Weapons made green lightning when they revealed that he was the Green Ninja. It also parallels Lord Garmadon, his father, whose dominant element is Dark Lightning.
  • Lloyd's role as a hero is foreshadowed by the small green "5" on the black shirt he wears in his early appearances. The color of the "5" refers to his destiny as the Green Ninja, while the number itself refers to how he will be the fifth member of the Ninja team.
  • Initially, Lloyd is a mediocre pilot, as seen when he has to fly the Destiny's Bounty in "All of Nothing" and "The Rise of The Great Devourer." He seems to have improved following his training as the Green Ninja, as he can control the Ultra Dragon and his own Elemental Dragon with ease.
  • Lloyd's teenage form is almost exactly that as Garmadon's "purified" form; except his hair-piece is blonde instead of dark brown.
  • Lloyd was kicked out of Darkley's Boarding School indicating he was perhaps never cut out to be a dark mastermind and hinting his role in the future.
  • Lloyd is also the leader of the Ninja, preceding Cole who lead the team before Lloyd's arrival.
  • Lloyd's elemental symbol is the Chinese character "斗", meaning "fight." The only exception was during his time as the Golden Ninja, when his robes donned a different symbol, a gear, that reflected that within the Temple of Light.
  • Lloyd's first name is a pun on his father's "Lord" title.
  • He is the only mortal to be sent to the Cursed Realm without being cursed himself. What is more, he is the only person to have returned alive.
  • Lloyd is the only ninja to not have a love relationship of some sort. It is unknown whether or not he will have a love-interest, seeing as how the other Ninja have/had one at some point: Jay and Cole have both had Nya at some point and vice ersa, Zane has P.I.X.A.L., and Kai has Skylor.
  • There is some confusion as to what Lloyd's elemental power is; Chen referred to Lloyd as "Master of Power" in "Ninja Roll," and on the Ninjago ride in LEGOLAND, Lloyd is described as the "Master of all elements." This is not true though, as Lloyd is the Elemental Master of Energy, as stated by himself in "The Day of the Dragon" when he summoned his Elemental Dragon. The reason for him being called the master of power by Chen is unclear, though it could be interpreted as just a title for his element, and not a literal description. As to why he is also is referred to as the master of all elements seem to be linked to him being related to the First Spinjitzu Master, who unlike Lloyd (who before he lost his golden power in season three could only harness five elements out of the eighteen), was the master of all elements. Both Garmadon and Wu have also been described as being masters of all elements.
  • Lloyd is also the only Ninja that is dependable to other Ninjas' (except Nya's) elemental powers. This may due because he shares his golden powers with them.


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