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Lightning Dragon
Element Lightning
Habitat Floating Ruins

The Lightning Dragon (nicknamed Wisp by Jay) is the guardian Dragon of the Nunchucks of Lightning, and Jay's pet.


The Lightning Dragon was placed in the Floating Ruins by Sensei Wu to guard the Nunchucks of Lightning.

Ninja Discovery

When the Ninja found the Nunchucks of Lightning on top of the Floating Ruins, the Lightning Dragon appeared. The Ninja escaped from there and the Lightning Dragon did not follow. When Kai and Nya escaped the Fire Temple, they brought the Lightning Dragon, along with the other Dragons, to the temple. Jay eventually rode the Dragon into the Underworld.

Rise of the Snakes

The Lightning Dragon has appeared in Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes. He helped guard the Nunchucks of Lightning, which were in the possession of Jay, until he had to travel to the Spirit Coves and became part of the Ultra Dragon. According to Jay in episode 3, Snakebit, the Dragon's name is Wisp.


The Lightning Dragon looks similar to the Ice Dragon except that it has four legs, it is a darker blue, Jay sits on a saddle-like structure, and its tail is wider and can bend in different directions. The Lightning Dragon is the only dragon to have six limbs in the set.



  • The Lightning Dragon appears to travel close to the speed of light, as he appeared in a flash of lightning atop the Floating Ruins.
  • He is the biggest Dragon aside from the Ultra Dragon.
  • According to the Ninjago: The Official Guide, Jay created an amplifier to make its roar louder as a gift before it agreed to help them find a way into the Underworld.




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