Legend of the Brown Ninja is a Ninjago book released in 2016. It is the tenth installment of the Ninjago chapter book series.

Book's Official Description

Dareth, the Brown Ninja, is a legend in his own slick, smooth-talking way. He's always been there to help the ninja navigate the ups and downs of celebrity life. Since Cole, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, Nya, and Zane defeated the Preeminent, their fame has exploded. Dareth considers it his duty to help the ninja make the most of their big moment - even if it means creating a few photo ops of his own. But when one of his stunts abckfires, [sic] Dareth finds himself in a hot mess... surrounded by some of the biggest, baddest guys in the land! Can he tap into his own true potential to save the day?


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