LEGO Ninjago: Rebooted is a game that had released in 2014.


App Description

Help the Ninjas of Ninjago fight against the evil forces of the Overlord as they make their way to the top of the great Borg Tower!

  • Use your awesome ninja skills to avoid dangers and defeat enemies.
  • Climb up the elevator shaft and run through hallways with both Vertical & Side scrolling action!
  • Play as Kai, Cole, Jay or Zane!
  • Collect LEGO bricks to unleash awesome power ups that help you in your mission.
  • Play the story mode to defeat bosses and save the inhabitants of the Ninjago Universe!
  • Play the endless mode to see how high you can score!



It gives you invincibility until you touch a hazardous object or an enemy. (Both Directions)


It is a magnet that only touches coins. (Both Directions)

Cloaking Device

It is a Nindroid costume that have invincibility until it is time. (Both Directions) 

Mega Jump

It gives you to fly very high until it is time. (Only can be in Vertical)


It gives you Spinjitzu that has the ability to defeat enemies and have invincibility until it is time. (Only can be in the Side)

Green Ninja

It gives you Lloyd that can defeat the enemies with his Golden Katana until it is time for him to go away. (Only can be in the Side)


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