“Here we try to foster what I call 'an environment of encouragement.'”
Warden Noble
Kryptarium Prison
Location Sea of Sand
Inhabitants Giant Stone Warrior
No-Eyed Pete
Pythor (formerly)
Kruncha (formerly)
Nuckal (formerly)
Sky Pirates
Other Prisoners

Kryptarium Prison is a large facility that houses a variety of convicted criminals. Located in the Sea of Sand and operated by Warden Noble, Kryptarium contains some of Ninjago's most dangerous culprits. Over the years, the prison has accumulated many different felons, such as Soto, who was convicted after the Ninjaball Run, and Pythor, who was convicted after having aided the Golden Master. Other inmates have included several Skulkin, Doubloon, a Giant Stone Warrior, and in an erased timeline, the Ninja

During the Second Serpentine War, the Ninja went to Kryptarium to find Pythor, who was the sole means of allowing Chen's army to be Anacondrai forever. While there, a fight broke out when Kapau and Chope raided Kryptarium, giving No-Eyed Pete an opportunity to open all the prison cells - freeing all the inmates. A larger fight then began, with all of the inmates attacking the Ninja while Wu, Garmadon and Lloyd tried escaping with Pythor. They made their way to the basketball court, where they were confronted by Chen's Anacondrai-turned followers. As the Ninja escaped Kryptarium, Chen's army captured Pythor and escaped. Garmadon, Wu, and the Ninja left as well just as the inmates tried escaping, with Noble and the other guards putting them back in their cells. 

After Nadakhan framed the Ninja for a series of crimes they didn't commit, the Ninja were all put in Kryptarium Prison. While there, the other inmates treated them very harshly, with an ally of Chen swearing to scrap Zane for parts. Despite all, Soto proved to be an ally in the situation, telling the Ninja about his past with Nadakhan and the origin of the Sky Pirates. However, a fight broke out between the prisoners and the Ninja. Eventually, the fight was broken up, and exchange for a map to find the Tiger Widow, the Ninja helped Soto escape. After Jay made his final wish, Soto was put back in Kryptarium and the Ninja were never imprisoned there to begin with. 



At some point in time, prior to the defeat of the Overlord, Kryptarium Prison was built to house Ninjago's most dangerous criminals, and at the same time, rehabilitate them as well.

The Tall Tale of Doubloon

Arrested for stealing from a bank, Doubloon was placed into Kryptarium, only to escape by hiding underneath a blanket and digging his way through his bed and the floor, arriving in the underground tunnels.

Countless years later, Noble would eventually quit his principal job at Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys and become the prison's warden, becoming dedicated to the rehabilitation of the prisoners.

The Greatest Fear of All

In an attempt to figure out a weakness of the fake Anacondrai, the ninja visited Kryptarium in order to interrogate a shrunken Pythor. However, the prison was infiltrated thanks to the efforts of Kapau'rai and Chop'rai, and several of the inmates escaped thanks to No-Eyed Pete using a fallen staff to open all of the door cells. However, with the help of the Ninja, the inmates were all detained, save for Pythor, and the prison was eventually repaired.

The Corridor of Elders

Cole went to Kryptarium to ask the inmates to help them defeat Chen's Anacondrai army.

Shadow of Ronin (Non-Canon)

Shortly after Ronin stole the Ninja's memories, he sent his goons to Kryptarium to get the map to the Inky Lemonberry from Hibiki. However, the Ninja soon arrived seeking Hibiki's help as well and sent the goons in retreat.


After being captured by Ronin, the ninja were sent to Kryptarium, and due to their powerful status, were detained in the section for the most dangerous criminals. There, they were confronted by several angry inmates, including the Mechanic. However, the prisoners were quickly placed into their cells, and at lunch, the ninja managed to learn from Soto the weakness of a Djinn; the Tiger Widow venom. Following a brief skirmish with the inmates, the Ninja agreed to help Soto escape the prison in return for the location of Tiger Widow Island.

As a result of Jay's final wish erasing the events of the season, Kryptarium regained its escaped convict, Soto. Sometime afterwards, Frakjaw later escaped his imprisonment.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3

After being defeated by the Ninja at the Temple of Light, the Sky Pirates were sent to Kryptarium for several crimes such as kidnapping and attempting to plunge Ninjago into darkness.


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  • Original concept art depicted Kryptarium as being constructed around a large spire.
  • Kryptarium's design is based on a panopticon prison.


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