Khanjikhan's Father
Affiliation Djinn
Weapon of choice Djinn Blade
Element N/A
First Appearance The Way Back
Status Deceased

Khanjikhan's Father was the grandfather of Nadakhan and the father of Khanjikhan. He was a Djinn King before Khanjikhan and Nadakhan.


At some point in time, Khanjikhan's father married and became a Djinn King, thus earning the power of infinite wishes. He would eventually have a son whom he named Khanjikhan, and later a grandson named Nadakhan. He died at an unknown point in time, and as per tradition had his soul bound in the Djinn Blade.

The Way Back

As a way to honor the royal line, Nadakhan used his recently-gained power of infinite wishes to create several statues of his ancestors, one of which was his grandfather. Its creation would later be undone as a result of Jay's final wish.

Following the destruction of Djinjago, the Djinn Blade was destroyed, presumably causing his soul to rest in the Departed Realm instead.


  • A statue of him was featured behind Nadakhan in the episode "The Way Back".

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