“Avenge us!”
— Khanjikhan to his son about the Ninja destroying the Cursed Realm and causing the destruction of Djinjago
Affiliation Djinn
Weapon of choice Djinn Blade
Element N/A
First Appearance "Enkrypted"
Status Deceased
Voiced by Michael Antonakos

Khanjikhan is Nadakhan's father and the ruler of Djinjago prior to its destruction.


At an unknown point in time, Khanjikhan married and became the Djinn King, and inherited the Djinn Blade as a result. Afterwards, he had a son, Nadakhan. However, when Nadakhan left Djinjago to explore Ninjago, Khanjikhan disowned his son, no longer welcoming him back in his home realm.


Upon his son's return to Djinjago alongside the Sky Pirates, Khanjikjan noted the poetic fittingness of his coincidental arrival as the realm began to collapse. Upon being asked why the realm was collapsing, he explained that, due to The Preeminent's death, and because Djinjago was the Cursed Realm's sister realm, this resulted in the collapse of their home. He then proceeded to give the Djinn Blade to his son, making him the Djinn King and telling him to avenge the Djinn, and stayed behind as the realm collapsed, presumably dying as a result.

The Way Back

As a result of Jay's wish erasing the events of the season, Khanjikhan would never give the Djinn Blade to his son in the first place, resulting in the artifact's destruction.


  • His appearance is similar to his son's, but he appears to have a long white beard strongly resembling Wu's.
  • Even though Khanjikhan accepted the fate of Djinjago's destruction, but possibly had the power to save it, he decided to give Nadakhan the Djinn Blade, hoping that his son would save Djinjago and its people. However, he didn't know he didn't intend to save the realms.
  • Khanjikhan is the only deceased Djinn King whose soul isn't in the Djinn Blade; however, as a result of both the artifact and Djinjago's destruction, Khanjikhan's soul now rests in the Departed Realm with his predecessors nevertheless.


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