“Intruder! Intruder! Prepare to be terminated!”
— Juggernaut
Element N/A
First Appearance Tick Tock
Status Destroyed
Voice Actor Brent Miller

The Juggernaut was a large bronze-colored robot armed with two cannons that could pivot over its shoulders (similar to the shoulder cannons of the Samurai Mech).

It was created by Dr. Julien in order to protect the Hidden Workshop from intruders, as well as the resident Treehorns - ironically, it would be destroyed by Zane, another of Dr. Julien's creations.


Tick Tock

After Zane followed the Falcon into Birchwood Forest and discovered its robotic nature, he was attacked by the Juggernaut, who identified him as a threat. After dodging several energy bolts from the robot's cannons, Zane uses a snow ramp and his snowmobile to fly over the robot's head, clogging one of its cannons with his Shuriken. The Juggernaut continued to attack with its remaining cannon, but Zane had noticed an exposed power box on its back. Using his Spinjitzu to make another snow ramp directly in front of the robot, Zane jumped onto the Juggernaut's back, where he hit its power box until the robot finally shut down.

As the robot deactivated, Zane noticed a symbol on its body that matched the one on the Falcon. He noticed another instance of the mark on a nearby tree, allowing him to discover Dr. Julien's workshop. Later, the Treehorns mounted an attack on the undefended workshop, with the Ninja realizing that the Juggernaut had been protecting it from the wildlife. Fortunately, Zane drove the Treehorns off after he unlocked his True Potential.

The Surge

Though not making a true appearance, a hologram of the Juggernaut was programmed as an enemy in one of many virtual reality games being designed at Borg Industries.




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