“"Ninja replacement go!"”
— Jay's Team
Jay's Team
Jay's team
Affiliation Jay
Ninja (Team)
Element Lightning (Jay)
Amber (Skylor)
First Appearance Operation Land Ho!
Status Disbanded/Ceased to exist due to Jay's wish in The Way Back
Jay's team was a team formed by Jay during Episode 63 Operation Land Ho!. It was created to stop Nadakhan's wedding. In the end, they disbanded.

Operation Land Ho

When all the ninja were trapped in the Djinn Blade(besides Nya who is getting ready for the wedding and Jay), Jay seeks to find some ninja replacements to stop the wedding between Nya and Nadakhan. Captain Soto, one member of the team knew many things about djinn, and told the rest of the team that one must be trapped in the Djinn Blade to free another. They must get out quickly before they fall under the enchantment spell. When Jay was trapped in the Djinn Blade, he freed the other ninja. Jay's team's job was done!

The Way Back

Due to Jay's last wish, the team was never formed and was disbanded. Also, the members of the team never remembered the events of the season.



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