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Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon
Element Ice
Habitat Frozen Wasteland

The Ice Dragon (nicknamed Shard by Zane) is the guardian Dragon of the Shurikens of Ice and Zane's pet.


The Ice Dragon was placed in the Frozen Wasteland to guard the Shurikens of Ice by Sensei Wu.

Ninja Discovery

When the Ninja arrived at the Frozen Wasteland, they discovered the Shurikens of Ice, guarded by the Ice Dragon. They took the Shurikens but Zane was frozen in the process. They slid out, running from the Dragon, and hit an ice colomn, where the ice surrounding Zane was broken. Later, when Nya and Kai escaped the Fire Temple, the Dragon, along with the other three, was brought and ridden by Zane into the Underworld.

Season 1

The dragon appears again in Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes, nicknamed "Shard." He helps guard the Shurikens of Ice, which are now in the possession of Zane. Shard also helps put out the fire of the Monastery in Episode 2: Home.


Ice Dragons, like all dragons, live in both Ninjago and The Underworld. Their breath weapon is Ice. They live in cold climates. In its LEGO set, it is the smallest dragon. It only has 3 wing blades for each arm and no saddle.






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