HoTKai and Nya

Kai in Season 7.

Kai and his friends come to the aid of Master Wu when faces off against a villain who can control time with a mysterious gauntlet. Later said man and his brother lead an army of serpentine with armor with craftsmanship leave Kai thinking about his parents. Kai's search for answers leave to uncover dark secrets about his parents disappearance.


The Hands of Time

Kai is surprised when the man revealed that he knows his father before

The Hatching

A Time of Traitors


A Line in the Sand

The Attack

Secrets Discovered

Seeking council, Kai journeyed to Mr. Chen's Noodle Shop to speak with Skylor, as she had dealt with her father being a villain as well. Nya soon arrived and he presented the two helmets as evidence to her, though he was met with skepticism until he proved it to her. The siblings realized their father was still alive but couldn't bring themselves to accept he is working with the enemy. They were soon interrupted by a call from Lloyd, informing them that the other Ninja had discovered the secret base of the Hands of Time. As he and Nya set out, Kai realized that this meant they also knew where their parents were.

Pause and Effect

Kai entered the blacksmith's building and found his father Ray building weapons. Kai confronted him and attacked the latter as the latter defended himself. Kai then revealed his identity to his shocked father who tried to talk him down but he didn't listen to him nor his arriving sister. g

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Lost in Time