Cole in Season 7.

After the conflict with Yang, Cole reverts to being human again and helps his friends in dealing with a man who attacks Master Wu using a blade that controls time itself.


The Hands of Time

MoS65Earth Punch

Cole attacks Acronix

Cole and his friends come to the aid of Master Wu when he battles a villain who can control time with a mysterious gauntlet. Cole tries to strike the man but gets easily tossed aside after he loses control.

The Hatching

Cole and the other Ninja ask Wu about Acronix. We tells them about how he and the elemental masters defeated Acronix years ago. At the Borg Store, Cole and the Ninja meet a Vermillion warrior. Cole uses his element to defeat the Vermillion.

A Time of Traitors

Cole, along with Jay and Nya, rush to save Kai in the Ninjago Museum of History. Cole am Jay try to stop vermillion from kidnapping people, but fail.


Cole is training with the Ninja, but accidentally uses his powers to make the island tremble. He asks Kai what's wrong, but doesn't get a response. Cole later goes to fight the Vermillion.

A Line in the Sand

The Attack

The Ninja were at the Temple of Airjitzu where they discussed their next move before the Vermillion attacked them.

When the twins landed on the temple, Wu battled Acronix with the Slow-Mo Time Blade which slowed Time on him, however, Krux got the Forward Time Blade and battled Wu and the Ninja. Eventually, Lloyd got the Forward & Slow-Mo Time Blades, but the victory was short-lived as Commander Machia arrived and retrieved both Time Blades from Lloyd's hands, and she and the Hands Of Time escaped with the Time Blades and Wu.

Secrets Discovered

Pause and Effect

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Lost in Time

As the Iron Doom traveled to the future, Cole and the others stayed behind and noticed that Ninja was changing forms before noticing Zane was shut down for some reason. They then noticed Ray was rapidly aging and began worrying for their friends.

Cole soon noticed that everything was changing back to normal as well a Temporal Vortex that Kai and Nya fell out. Cole watched them cure their father of the time punch and wondered where Wu was before realized he stayed behind to settle things with Time Twins.

Though happy at their victory, Cole couldn't help but be worried when his master was feared to be lost in time with their enemies. He and the Ninja elect Lloyd as their master and he makes his first order to bury the Reversal Time Blade and to discover what happened to Wu.