This article is about the Golden Master's mech. For the First Spinjitzu Master's mech, see here.

Golden Master's Mech
Golden Master with the Power of Golden Weapons
Element Golden Power
Status Destroyed

The Golden Master's Mech (also known as The Ultimate Weapon) is a mech was created by the remains of the Golden Weapons that was received by the Nindroids.


The Void

While some of the Nindroids under Cryptor retrieved the Golden Weapons from the comet where they landed as a result of Garmadon's time travel exploits, Pythor led the others in claiming Borg Tower so as to adapt the assembly line for the Overlord's purposes.

The Titanium Ninja

After reshaping the material from the Golden Weapons into components for his mech, the Golden Master unleashed it upon New Ninjago City, using its power to manipulate the city and spin webs of golden energy across the city. After a drawn out battle, Zane allowed the mech's energies to overload his power source, destroying the Golden Master, the mech, and Zane himself.



  • This is Sixth mech featured in the show.
  • When the Golden Master (The Overlord) begun Spinning, he might reference from Anime Series Beyblade Metal Masters.

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