Ninjago golden long sword-0

The Golden Long Sword (also know as the Golden Long Blade) is weapon of great power and tremendous strength. One downfall for this weapon is that it is very cumbersome; It it so long and heavy that only the strongest of warriors can wield this powerful weapon. It is said that one strike from it can split a man in half. Not much else is known about these weapons, however, because they are so expensive to make, and require a great deal of training to handle. Any warrior who skillfully wields this weapon could easily clear an army. A Sausage provides a temporary burst of energy that grants the strength required to lift this behemoth of a blade.

Ninjago Sets

The list of sets this weapon comes in is very long. Not once has this weapon come as a minifigure's weapon; It comes attached to many of the ninja's vehicles in the world of Ninjago.

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