Golden Cycle
Element Golden Power (Formerly)
First Appearance The Curse of the Golden Master
Status Destroyed

The Golden Cycle (also known as the Green Ninja Cycle) is a Ninja vehicle used by Lloyd Garmadon. Using the Golden Power, Lloyd had the power to create vehicles, with the Golden Cycle being one of them. Lloyd first used the cycle while escaping from a group of Nindroids in Hiroshi's Labyrinth, though shortly after he was captured by Pythor.

Lloyd later rode the Golden Cycle during the Golden Master's assault on New Ninjago City. When the Golden Master did Spinjitzu, the cycle was incinerated. 


The Curse of the Golden Master

When Lloyd and Sensei Garmadon were spotted by Techno Wu and the Nindroids, Lloyd used his golden power to create a motorcycle in order to escape from the flying Nindroids in Hiroshi's Labyrinth. When he made it out of the jungle, he was spotted by the Overlord in the MechDragon, threatening to drop Garmadon into the sea, so he left the motorcycle to attack the Overlord but then he is captured by Pythor.

Codename: Arcturus

After Lloyd yielded his Golden Power, he used his motorcycle to find Nindroids in the Toxic Bogs. It was seen again later when the Ninja went to Ouroboros to rescue Kai and stop "Project: Arcturus".

The Titanium Ninja

After the Ninja came back from the space, Lloyd summoned his motorcycle to get to the Temple of Fortitude. After Nya was shot down, Lloyd and the other Ninja went to help her, but before they could get there they were ambushed by the Golden Master. Lloyd's motorcycle was destroyed among the other Ninja vehicles by the Golden Master's Spinjitzu



  • In set 70722's description, it's also called the Green Ninja Cycle.
  • In the set, Lloyd's motorcycle has silver wheels, but in the show they are golden.

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