Affiliation Dr. Julien
Echo Zane
Element N/A
First Appearance The Last Voyage
Status Alive
Voiced by Michael Adamthwaite

Tai-D (also known as Gizmo or Tea Robot) is a robot created by Dr. Julien used to assist the inventor. Tai-D resided at the Lighthouse Prison for many and years, keeping Julien company during his time there and later aiding Jay and Nya when they were hiding from the Sky Pirates.


At some point, Dr. Julien created the robot for serving tea.

The Last Voyage

After Wu, Misako and the Ninja arrived at the lighthouse, Julien had Gimzo serve them tea. As Tai-D rolled around, the Ninja were amazed by his abilities, with Jay trying to mess with Tai-D. The robot didn't take kindly to this and burnt Jay, warding him off.

The Last Resort

During Jay and Nya's visit, Tai-D was helping to clean up, even putting items back into Jay's bag when they were trying to unpack. Tai-D was the one who lead Nya and Jay to Echo Zane and played chess with him afterwards.

Later, upon Nadakhan's arrival, he tried to fight back the Pirates alongside Echo Zane, but to no avail. He was eventually shut down by the Djinn when he struck the robot with the Djinn Blade.

The Way Back

After Jay made his final wish to Nadakhan, recent events were undone and he and Nya never arrived at the lighthouse. As such, Tai-D was never shut down by Nadakhan, and he never fought the Sky Pirates.


  • In the Lighthouse Siege set, he is known as Tai-D.
  • His name is a pun on the word "tidy."