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Not to be confused with Gene, the student at Darkley's School for Bad Boys.

Genn is a minor character that appeared in Kai: Ninja of Fire. He is a large, balding tinkerer whose village accepted Zane prior to the latter's becoming a Ninja. Zane views Genn and his fellow villagers as family.


In hopes of helping Zane uncover his memories, Kai decided to travel to the small village Zane had lived at before becoming a Ninja.

Upon arriving, Zane happily greeted Genn, but the balding man was nervous and hesitant about the Ice Ninja's presence. Genn attempted to shoo Zane away from the village with the excuse that the village was typically busy that time of year, but Zane immediately saw through Genn's lie and offered to help instead.

The next morning, Kai and Zane realized that the lack of activity in the village was peculiar, noting that Genn's words should be true: it was the busiest time of the year - sleeping in was not an option for the village. Zane and Kai headed over to Genn's hut, only to find no sign of life.

After the two realized they ended up in an identical village surrounded by mirrors, Kai and Zane came up with a plan after a stray Skulkin warrior accidentally informed them that they were searching for the village's "treasure." They silently took down Skulkin after Skulkin nearby Genn's house, careful to keep to their plan in order to save Genn and the other villagers. Finally they faced Samukai, who decided to make a deal with Kai: free the villagers in exchange for the treasure. Kai agreed, only for Zane to wipe out the remaining Skulkin using a hijacked Turbo Shredder. Kai then told Samukai that the village did not have treasure, Samukai being baffled as he had thought their arrival at the village served an important purpose. Regardless, Samukai submitted before their assault, returning the villagers at once before vanishing.

Genn then admitted to being a part of the Skulkin's plan, saying sorrowfully that he had no choice. Zane told him that the Skulkin would not likely return, though if they were to, Zane and Kai would be sure to protect the village. Genn and Zane briefly hugged before the other villagers eagerly thanked the two Ninja for their help.



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