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Garmadon's Monastery
Location Ninjago
Inhabitants Sensei Garmadon

Garmadon's Monastery is a large structure sitting at the base of a mountain. It is a dojo built by Garmadon and Misako to train young students in martial arts.


Pre-Season 3

After the Overlord was defeated, Garmadon and Misako decided to create a village with a training dojo where the students could learn martial arts.

The Art of the Silent Fist

After being on the run for quite some time, the Ninja decide to rest at the Monastery. Later that night, P.I.X.A.L. tried to take the Techno Blades, but Zane captured her, and recovered the Techno Blades. Zane brought P.I.X.A.L. to the Monastery where the other Ninja and Sensei Garmadon are, and after being hacked by Zane's Techno Blade, she reveals to Garmadon that The Overlord wants to capture Lloyd to return to his physical form. But after she finishes revealing the Overlord's plan,The Nindroids attack the Monastery. The Ninja are not strong enough to beat the Nindroids and they retreat on the Waterwheel and then trick the Nindroids by activating the Auto Pilot on their vehicles which end up being destroyed. Then, the Ninja split up so it'll be more complicated for the Nindroids to capture them. Misako decides that she will stay in the Monastery.

The Invitation

Following the loss of Zane, Nya and Wu began creating plans to restore the Destiny's Bounty at the Monastery.

It's unknown what happened with the monastery after Garmadon was banished to the Cursed Realm, though it's possible Misako still resides there at times. 



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