Fred Finley is a character who appeared in A Team Divided.


Following the creation of the reality show Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge ever, Finley would become the host, often overseen by the producer Rachel Sparrow. Later, he would start a seventeen-day streak of holding a smile on the show.

A Team Divided

Finley would be seen on TV as a depressed Jay recuperated from his loss at the hands of Suzie Wheeler. Inspired, Jay would enter the Gauntlet of Humility, overseen by Finley. Declaring his seventeen-day smile proudly, Finley would introduce Jay to the Gauntlet, warning him of its increase in difficulty to accommodate Jay's skills. Cheerfully commentating on Jay's performance, he would promptly be covered in chocolate pudding after Jay fell into a vat of it, causing him to lose his smile and in anger quit his job, stomping off.

Afterwards, Finley managed to get a job as a news reporter, reporting on attacks by various threats to Ninjago.

The New Ninja

During the rebuilding of Stiix following The Preeminent's death, Ghost Warriors attacked, and Finley oversaw the ensuing chaos on a chopper, reporting the news on the television. This alerted Nya and the Ninja, who arrived at the city to destroy the spectral entities.


  • Finley is the only book-exclusive character to make an appearance in another book, instead of staying exclusive to his debut.
  • Alongside Noble and Patty Keys, Finley is one of the few citizens in the series to be seen changing occupations.
  • In The New Ninja, Fred's last name is spelled Finely.

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