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Abilities Shape shift
First Appearance Ninja Roll
Status Used

Form is a secondary element in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It is generally associated with purple and coresponds with the Elemental Form Dragon.

Users’ Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting - Allows the user to shapeshift him/her. While shape-shifting, the user can change his/her voice too. The element is a very tricky ability, useful for manipulating enemies.
  • Fangpyre Bite - When someone or something is bitten by a Fangpyre, they go through a phase of metamorphosis, changing into a snake. Nonliving objects or machines turn green and gain two teeth, eyes, and a tail almost immediately. People (and animals) change more gradually, gaining a green hue to their skin, then scales, sharper teeth, a tongue, and a tail (the speed of these effects increases with the size/complexity of the person or animal). It is unknown what happens to a person once the effects of the bite finish the transformation, as all human cases have been cured.

Form Spinjitzu Users


Staff of Elements


Elements of Ninjago

Main Elements

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Secondary Elements

Metal · Speed · Smoke · Mind · Gravity · Nature · Sound · Poison · Shadow · Form · Amber · Light · Wind · Water

Elemental Essences

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