Abilities Shape-Shifting
First Appearance Ninja Roll
Status Used

Form is a secondary element in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. It is generally associated with purple and corresponds with the Elemental Form Dragon.

Users’ Abilities

  • Shape-Shifting - The user can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping themselves. While shape-shifting, the user can change his/her voice too. The element is a very tricky ability, useful for manipulating enemies.
  • Fangpyre Bite - When someone or something is bitten by a Fangpyre, they go through a phase of metamorphosis, changing into a snake. Nonliving objects or machines turn green and gain two teeth, eyes, and a tail almost immediately. People (and animals) change more gradually, gaining a green hue to their skin, then scales, sharper teeth, a tongue, and a tail (the speed of these effects increases with the size/complexity of the person or animal). It is unknown what happens to a person once the effects of the bite finish the transformation, as all human cases have been cured.
  • Vermillion Reconstruction - The Vermillion Warriors can reconstruct themselves in armor or anything that suits them after their bodies have been destroyed. It is very useful for those samurai snakes to rebuild themselves and thus gaining the upper hand during a battle. This also allows the Vermillion to that control of metal armor and other statues and sculptures that have cracks in them, and use their possessed stuff in battle. However, they can be defeated when someone separates them from the armor and prevent the snakes from re-entering it.
  • Elemental Powers Manipulation - It's a special ability for a Djinn to manipulate any Elemental Powers by shape-shifting to the user with said ability. It was shown in "Infamous" by Nadakhan, though, only Cole and Zane was shown are using their powers.

Notable Users


Staff of Elements



Elements of Ninjago

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