Floating Cougars

Floating Cougars are animals that live in the skies of Ninjago. They are large cats with long, almost snakelike bodies and tails, spotted backs, and large noses.

Floating Cougars are said to grow to up to 13 feet long and weigh 1200 pounds at maturity. Despite this, they can somehow walk through the air as easily as they can move on the ground. They are described as eating anything smaller than them - which, given their great size, makes them into the apex predators of Ninjago's skies. Description

So light on its feet, it can walk on air. This predator only eats smaller animals, but since it is the largest cat in Ninjago (13 feet long and 1200 pounds), it pretty much eats everything it finds. The Floating Cougar is a good predator.