(The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, with the four Ninja preparing for another dragon race as Jay shows off after the previous day's victory.)

Jay: Why must we go through this again? I'm clearly the best. I mean, look at me!

Kai: Impressive, thunder cracker, but may I remind you that we all have dragon suits. So what's your point?

Jay: Well, I...

Cole: (cutting Jay) Jay's only point is that he won last time, so obviously he thinks he'll hold the title of Dragon Master forever.

Zane: This is highly irrational. We should be training. If Sensei finds out...

Kai: (cutting Zane) Well technically, riding your dragon is kind of training.

(Kai, Jay, Zane and Cole race each other riding their dragons, now named Flame, Wisp, Shard and Rocky respectively.)

Cole: So we all agree, whoever wins this one will be the new dragon master for a month. Ready?

Ninja: Ninja Go!

(The race begins. Kai and Zane are shown to be racing neck to neck.)

Zane: May the best man win!

Kai: See ya!

(Kai slows down and goes under the clouds.)

Zane: (looking for Kai) Where did he go?

(As Zane wonders where Kai went, Kai himself goes ahead to distract Zane.)

Kai: (using Flame to spit out Fire in Zane's direction) Need a light?! (Fortunately, Zane manages to escape the trap.)

Zane: (plotting revenge) Time to fight fire with Ice!

(Zane goes beside the side of a mountain so that he can use Shard to spit out Ice on Kai and Flame.)

Zane: (passing by a freezing Kai) Feeling a little chilly?

(Meanwhile, Cole and Jay are shown racing each other in a forest. As they head towards a tree, Jay manages to dodge it, but Cole goes straight to its direction. Lucky for Cole, Rocky uses his incredible strength to knock the tree down.)

Cole: Yeah, Rocky! Way to go!

(The four Ninja now race neck to neck returning to the monastery.)

Cole: Well, guys. Time to activate the turbo. Eat my dust! (Cole uses chicken to make Rocky accelerate faster than the other dragons.)

(As the Ninja return to monastery, the Postman is seen complaining for their disruption in his work.)

Cole: (boasting after winning the race) Way to go, Rocky! We are an awesome team!

Kai: Nice run, bro, but we'll get you tomorrow.

Cole: (confused) Tomorrow? We agreed that the winner was gonna be Dragon Master for a month!

Jay: (laughs silently)

Zane: I don't recall agreeing to that.

Cole: Na-uh!

Kai: Oh, brother!

(The episode ends.)

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