“Why must we go through this again? I'm clearly the best. I mean, look at me!”
"Flight of the Dragon Ninja"
Season Mini Movies, Episode 2
Flight of the Dragon Ninja Title Screen
Air date Fall 2011
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"Secrets of the Blacksmith"
"The New Masters of Spinjitzu"

Flight of the Dragon Ninja is the second of six Mini-Movies, taking place directly after the Pilot episodes of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.


Ninjago Mini-Movie 2 Flight of the Dragon Ninja02:00

Ninjago Mini-Movie 2 Flight of the Dragon Ninja

At the Monastery, Jay is trying to convince the Ninja that he was the best out of them all after having won in a race with their Dragons beforehand. They decide to hold another race, although Zane objects, claiming they should be training instead, to which Kai assures him that riding their Dragons is a form of training.

They head out on their Dragons and Cole sets the terms of the race, telling them that whoever wins the race will be Dragon Master for a month. Kai and Zane get into a bit of a scuffle on their Dragons, before Zane takes the lead. Cole and Jay speed through the forest below, attempting to dodge the trees until the Earth Dragon smashes into one, snapping it in half and continuing on. The group approaches the "finish line" but Cole speeds across by dangling a roasted chicken on a rope in front of Rocky's nose. Cole lands first, but Kai tells him they'll beat him the next day. Cole protests that they agreed the winner would be Dragon Master for a month, but Zane claims not to recall ever agreeing to that.



  • This episode was included in the Ninjago menu on the LEGO Club DVD included in the November-December issue of LEGO Club Magazine.
  • The Mailman makes his first appearance here.
  • Even though Jay is the most talkative ninja, he had the least number of lines in this episode.


For the transcript of this episode, click here.


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