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Fire Dragon
Element Fire
Habitat Fire Temple

The Fire Dragon (named Flame by Kai) was the Dragon Guardian of the Sword of Fire and Kai's pet.


The Fire Dragon was placed in the Fire Temple by Sensei Wu to guard the Sword of Fire.

Ninja Discovery

When Kai discovered the Fire Temple, and after Sensei Wu went into the Underworld, the Fire Dragon was discovered. When the other Ninja arrived, Nya and Kai had already brought the other three Dragons to the temple so that they could ride into the Underworld to rescue Sensei Wu.

Rise of the Snakes

This Dragon still appears in Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes, nicknamed Flame. He is still guarding the Sword of Fire, which Kai now has in his possession. Flame and the other three Dragons left the Ninja while molting to become the Ultra Dragon.


The Fire Dragon is used to living in hot climates. He can swim in lava and travel into the Underworld. His skin is red and orange and may possibly be hot.



  • The Fire Dragon was the first Dragon to be ridden during their search for the Golden Weapons.
  • The Fire Dragon, along with the other Dragons, perform a different type of Spinjitzu when they are about to enter the Underworld.
  • The Fire Dragon, like the Ice Dragon, would be more accurately classified as a wyvern because it only possesses two hind legs, while the forelegs are part of the wing's body structure.
  • He appeared in LEGO Battles: Ninjago, as a Story Mode boss.




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