Coles worst nightmare.

Cole: Worst nightmare: The amona ( and sensay). When he was young he was humliated,.. a LOT!!! So when the amona visited, he told her what was going on. He had her as a good image...... TO HIM!!! The amona ia aculy his best freind... and the worst night mare to sensie wu. So this is sort of senseiy's worst nightmare.... some times the amona visites him, and sensiy's know's it. So he rush's in and then the amona disappers. Cole is worried that sensay know's the amona. So that is his worst nightmare. Sensay wu.... why does he worry about the amona??? She is the most evil person in ninjago. Worst than garmoadon ( before loyod garmodon made himgood again)!!!!!!! So sensay wu fear's her... So this sensay's Worst nightmare. Akeward!!!!!

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