Up here we know . . . let's just say, we know what's going to come next.”
— Fenwick to the Ninja, Kingdom Come
Affiliation Ghost Warriors
Cloud Kingdom (formerly)
Weapon of choice N/A
Element N/A
First Appearance Kingdom Come
Status Unknown
Voiced by Paul Dobson

Fenwick was the master writer of Cloud Kingdom.


In charge of writing several destinies for Ninjago, Fenwick came into contact with Morro and the Preeminent, who threatened to curse the Sixteen Realms but needed to arrange for Morro's escape into Ninjago. Fearing for his life, Fenwick bartered with the two, eventually coming upon an agreement—in exchange for ensuring Morro's escape from the Cursed Realm by prophecy, his life would be spared.

Kingdom Come

When the Ninja arrived at Cloud Kingdom seeking the Sword of Sanctuary, Fenwick greeted them, pretending not to be the head writer. He showed them through the main hall, explaining how they wrote destinies for the people of Ninjago. He then took them on a boat ride where he explained of the realms and The Preeminent before locking them in the lair of Nimbus. Fenwick then returned to the main hall and welcomed Morro to the Cloud Kingdom. He was quickly approached by Nobu about the Ninja, though reassured the writer that his destiny was now secure, Fenwick was later chased away by Nimbus after Nobu changed his destiny. It is unknown what happens to him after, whether if he was either eaten by Nimbus, locked away, escaped or got banished from the Cloud Kingdom for his actions is currently unclear.


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While Fenwick presents himself as calm, contained, and even a bit wise. He has proven to be manipulative and values his own life over everyone else's, this was seen as he trapped the Ninja and made a deal with Morro for his own safety.

When his machinations turned against him, Fenwick was reduced to running from his deserved punishment.

Abilities and weapons

As a writer of destiny he was capable of changing the variables in other peoples lives that are out of their control. Whether he is still capable of doing so after betraying the ninja and all of the realms parallel to Ninjago is questionable.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession


  • It's implied on that the reason Morro was able to defy his destiny to remain cursed was due to Fenwick's intervention, by rewriting his destiny.




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