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“Some kind of energy or green light. I don't know, like all our elemental powers rolled into one. . . .”
Cole, when asked by Luke Cunningham about Lloyd's powers
Abilities Ergokinesis
First Appearance Never Trust a Snake (Zane's dream)
Status Used

Energy (also referred to as Green Power or Power) is a powerful element of Ninjago and a remaining essence of the First Spinjitzu Master. It is a variation of the combinations of the original four Ninjas' elemental powers. Energy is generally associated with the color green and corresponds with the Elemental Energy Dragon. Energy seems to be a weakened state of Golden Power.

Users' Abilities

  • Ergokinesis - The user is able to control and generate energy. This elemental power makes the user able to create powerful beams as explosions and use the power as matter to generate force fields.
    • Energy Amplification - The user can enhance the energy of the objects and people, also changing their color.
    • Energy Construction/Creation - The user can summon an object (usually a vehicle) made of solid energy, powered by the user's energy.
    • Energy Shield Construction - The user can make a shield of pure energy, capable of blocking various attacks.
    • Energy Propulsion - Some users of energy can concentrate enough energy to propel upwards and fly temporarily.
    • Energy Ball Emission - The users of this ability are able to create balls of energy that they can use as part of a melee attack or as a way of transportation (indirect propulsion).
    • Energy Beam Projection - The user can project concentrated beams of energy for a range of damage strengths. The result of beam could be concussive, dispersive or explosive.
    • Green Energy Balls - They can create green energy balls mostly for attack purposes and destroying ghosts.
    • Main Elements - The user controls a power with the qualities of all the main elements combined (Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning).
    • Cure Energy - The user can cure people from Dark Matter corruption.

Notable Uses


After Lloyd freed himself of his Vengestone chains, he used an energy blast to destroy the other Ninjas' chains. Once they escaped the "Hole," he used another energy blast to destroy the door.

Notable Users


Staff of Elements



  • The Ninja have stated that Lloyd is more powerful than all of them combined. In light of the power and capabilities of the Energy element, it may also be more powerful than all the four main elements combined.
  • Energy seems to be the only element besides Water that is capable of harming ghosts as when Lloyd and Morro were fighting between the releams, Morro was seen being knocked back by Lloyd using the power of Energy.
  • In several seasons, Energy's symbol is that of a dragon. This can be explained by the fact that Energy, Creation, and Golden Power were passed down from the First Spinjitzu Master, whom inherited those powers from the first Dragons.


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