Elemental Water Dragon
Water Dragon
Element Water
Habitat None

The Elemental Water Dragon is Nya's Elemental Dragon.


As a result of unlocking her True Potential, Nya successfully used her powers to manifest the Elemental Water Dragon.


While heading to Stiix to confront Clouse, Nya summoned the Elemental Water Dragon, flying alongside her fellow Ninja. However, she stopped by at the Ninjago hospital to tend to Lil' Nelson's leg injuries, and presumably used the dragon once more to arrive at Stiix.


While falling from the rebuilding Djinjago to the Endless Ocean below, Jay and Nya combined their elemental powers, fusing their Elemental Dragons together and creating a Water-Lightning Elemental Hybrid. Riding on top of it, the two used their fused Elemental Dragons to evade a chasing Flintlocke on the Sky Shark, ultimately being saved by the Police Commissioner and the rest of the officers.


  • The Elemental Water Dragon is the last Elemental Dragon, chronologically, to be unlocked by an Elemental Master.



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