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“You've messed with the wrong blacksmith, my friend.”
— Ray
Affiliation Elemental Masters
Time Twins (unwillingly)
Vermillion (unwillingly)
Weapon of choice Katana
Element Fire (formerly)
First Appearance Way of the Ninja (pictured)
Spellbound (flashback)
Misfortune Rising (physical appearance)
Status Alive
Voiced by Vincent Tong

Ray is the former Elemental Master of Fire, the husband of Maya and the father of Nya and Kai, the latter of whom would inherit his abilities. Ray fought alongside the other Elemental Masters and his wife in the Serpentine War, which would see the people of Ninjago battling the Serpentine. Eventually, the Serpentine were sealed away in various tombs, with Ray imprisoning Pythor and the Anacondrai in their tomb.

Following the war, Krux and Acronix, the two Elemental Masters of Time, would later betray the Elemental Alliance. Ray and Maya would fight the two along with the other masters, but they would fail to defeat them. However, Wu manages to get an idea and asks Ray and Maya to fulfill an important duty. With their skills of blacksmithing and their powers over Fire and Water, Ray and Maya managed to forge four blades out of Chronosteel, with the blades later becoming the Time Blades. After forging the final blade, the work completely exhausted them. Because of this, they didn't participate in the battle with Krux and Acronix at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

After Wu and Garmadon managed to defeat Krux and Acronix and use the Time Blades to strip the two of their powers, they would lose the blades into a temporal vortex created by the blades, but Krux and Acronix would follow the blades, with Acronix being lost in time while Krux would remain in Ninjago, where he would ultimately start his forty year plan for revenge. Between this time, Ray and Maya would have two kids, Kai and Nya, both who inherit the powers of their parents.

In the meantime, Krux would gain a false identity and work at the Ninjago Museum of History, where he would become Dr. Sander Saunders. Krux would befriend Ray and Maya until the day he revealed his identity, holding them at sword point. Saying that if they didn't work for him in creating vehicles, armor and weapons for his army, Krux would harm Kai and Nya. With no other choice, the two were forced to work under Krux, residing in a blacksmith shop in the Vermillion Swamps, where he and his wife would create thousands of pieces of armor, vehicles and weapons for the Vermillion army. He would also design the outer shell of the Iron Doom, Krux's ultimate weapon.

After many years, he and his wife are reunited with their children, who learned their parents were forced into servitude by Krux, who threatens to harm them should their parents disobey him. Ray and his wife made amends with their children, happy to see them after so long but they realized their children were in danger due to them possessing the powers to find the Time Blades which the Time Twins exploited. Kai and Nya were now forced to help the Time Twins collect the Time Blades otherwise they would harm their parents, though Ray and Maya told them to forget about them but were taken as hostages, using them as leverage to make sure the two Ninja cooperated.


Early Life

As a young man, Ray was very poor, wearing ragged clothes and going door to door selling custom made weapons to make a living for himself. At some point, he discovered his powers and became the Elemental Master of Fire.

One night, Ray and Master Wu were searching for samurai bandits, but when he spotted the silhouettes of scarecrows, he mistook them for the bandits and sprung into battle. The next morning, he was forced to apologize to the farmers that owned the scarecrows for his mistake.

Ray fought alongside Wu and Garmadon in many battles. Like his son, Kai, he was headstrong and reckless, but a skilled fighter and a loyal ally. Ray eventually became one of Master Wu's most trusted friends.

Decades after the events of the Serpentine War, he fathered Kai and Nya with his wife, Maya. His element of Fire was inherited by Kai. Later, Wu wanted him to become a ninja, though he declined to stay at home with his wife to take care of their children and work at Four Weapons Blacksmith. As such, the old master entrusted him with the map to the Golden Weapons, made in the event of Wu's demise to ensure that the powerful artifacts could be retrieved in times of darkness. When he and wife went missing under mysterious circumstances, Kai and Nya became the new owners of his blacksmith shop.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3

Following the defeat of Clouse, Wu would suffer a horrible nightmare in which he saw Ray and his wife Maya forging something terrible in a pit of flame and smoke for the Time Twins

The Hands of Time

Pause and Effect

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

Lost in Time


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot Episodes

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 6: Skybound

Day of The Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Video Games


  • Ray's appearance does not seem to have changed after the Serpentine War, aside from his face being less symmetrical, and the addition of more weary looking eyes.
    • This is due to the fact that Elemental Masters age differently than normal humans.




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