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Abilities Geokinesis
First Appearance Way of the Ninja
Status Used

Earth is one of the main elements of Ninjago taught by Master Wu. It represents rock, dust, and other minerals of the ground. It corresponds with the Scythe of Quakes, the Earth Dragon and the Elemental Earth Dragon, and is generally associated with the color black.

When the Ninja were training Lloyd in Dareth's dojo, they discovered that Lloyd is capable of using all the elemental powers, including Earth, without the use of a Golden Weapon when Lloyd caused a fissure inside the dojo while chopping boards in half.

Notable uses


During a battle between the Elemental Alliance and the Anacondrai, the Master of Earth was manipulated by Chen to turn against his own and create a large rift in the earth that disoriented the members of the alliance.

Users' Abilities

  • Geokinesis - The user is able to manipulate and generate rocks, dust, and earth. They can also control massive amounts of earth (Example: a mountain). The user can change and manipulate any type of terrain (For Example: a mountain or a valley). The user can bury/submerge peoples or objects beneath any sort of surface into element, whether that is earth, dust or sand as well.
    • Psammokinesis - Some users of this element can create, shape and manipulate dirt, commonly to trap enemies (As displayed by the Earth Elemental Blade).
    • Petrification - The users can immobilize enemies by covering them in a layer of earth.
    • Tectokinesis - Gives the user (possibly only a very powerful one), the ability to move tectonic plates and generate fractures and chasm (As displayed by Garmadon's Mega Weapon).
      • Earthquake Generation - It can be used to cause earthquakes and fissures. Also, the user can create shaking tremors along surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc.) to create dust and dust particles to discover a hidden enemy.
  • Superhuman Strength - Some users of Earth have demonstrated the ability to possess superhuman strength.
  • Constrictai Grip - It's a special ability of the Constrictai tribe. It strangles opponents with their hands and tails, choking their opponents.

Via the user's True Potential

  • Earth Mimicry - The user can transform temporarily their body completely in earth.

Via the user's RX powers

  • Earth Punch - The user can transform their arms into magma/molten rock [1] and punch through anything.

Notable Users


Staff of Elements



Golden Power




Elements of Ninjago

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