Abilities Destruction Inducement
First Appearance An Underworldly Takeover (flashback)
Status Used

Destruction (also known as the Power of the Oni or Dark Lightning) is an elemental essence[1] in Ninjago and is composed of the four main elements and possibly Darkness. It is the opposite of Creation, and is purple in color. It is the power Garmadon inherited from his father, originating from the Oni demons of the Realm of Oni and Dragons. While it is possible that others have learned to harness this form of element, it is never mentioned.

Users' Abilities

  • Destruction Inducement - The user can destroy objects, possibly even objects of great size, (like in the episode "Spellbound," when Garmadon uses Spinjitzu to destroy the objects possessed by Clouse's Dark Magic).
    • Hakai-Ergokinesis - This ability gives the user the power to manipulate destructive energy (like in "An Underworldly Takeover," when Garmadon uses this ability in the form of Spinjitzu against Samukai, throwing him backward with strong force, and in "True Potential," when he uses energy blasts to attack Lloyd).
    • Dark Strength Enhacement - As demonstrated by Colossi, it allows the user to enhance their strength with the element of Destruction. Garmadon also used this move to enhance his own strength.
      • Destructive Energy Ball Projection - The user can shoot balls of purple destructive energy (demonstrated in the episode "True Potential").
      • Destructive Shield Generation - As demonstrated by Lord Garmadon, in "True Potential", it allows the user to use their destructive powers as a shield against enemy attacks. Whereas Garmadon used this move to block Lloyd's Energy Blasts.
    • Disintegration - The user can disintegrate objects (like Garmadon did in the form of Spinjitzu against the objects possessed by Clouse's Dark Magic in the episode "Spellbound").
  • Dark Element Manipulation - The user can manipulate a corrupted and darker version of the main elements (though only Lightning, and Fire have been seen). It's possible that a user can also manipulate several secondary elements like Shadow.
    • Dark Lightning Manipulation - The user can create and manipulate a corrupted version of Lightning (only seen once while Garmadon was using it to disturb the Ninjas' sleep in "The Green Ninja"). With this ability, the user can presumably shock an adversary, though this is never shown.
    • Dark Fire Manipulation - The user can manipulate and create a darker and corrupted version of Fire. As shown in the episode "True Potential," when Garmadon used Fire to burn his helmet and armor as means of intimidation.
    • Shadow Manipulation - As demonstrated by Garmadon in "King of Shadows," it allows him to manipulate the element of Shadow and strike Kai with shadows.

There are other abilities originating from Destruction that are available to the Oni or those who use the Oni Masks. However, it is also possible that the Elemental Master of Destruction can employ these abilities, seeing as Garmadon in his evil form has four arms and his power is enhanced with Oni magic.

  • Telekinesis - Allows the user to control, move, and manipulate objects by using telekinesis. Garmadon used this move in "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," when he telekinetically pulled huge chunks of rocks with his Creation and Destruction powers, to create the Colossi.
  • Invulnerability (Magma Armor) - Turns the user's entire body into invulnerable stone and lava.
  • Multiple Arms/Enhanced Swordsmanship/Power Reflection - Turns the user into a master swordsman with two additional arms and gives the user the ability to absorb and deflect other people's powers.

Notable Users


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  • Destruction may be related to other dark elements, such as Shadow and Darkness.



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