Darnagom Enterprises is a fake demolition company created by Lord Garmadon in an attempt to destroy Dareth's Mojo Dojo, and to stunt the efforts of the Ninja training Lloyd, so he would not have to fight his son.


Ninjaball Run

While the Ninja were training Lloyd, Darnagom Enterprises arrived at the Mojo Dojo and announced themselves by smashing a wrecking ball through the front. The workers explained that Dareth had failed to pay his bills, leaving him indebted for a stunning 50,000 dollars - if he could not pay up, the company would destroy his dojo.

Seeing the name of the company on the side of their vehicle, Zane realized that Darnagom Enterprises was the latest attempt by Lord Garmadon to interrupt Lloyd's training - thus, to save the dojo, the Ninja entered the annual Ninjaball Run.

It is unclear what happened to Darnagom Enterprises after the Ninja won the Ninjaball Run, but it is presumably still operational, if not under Garmadon's control.


  • "Darnagom" is an anagram of "Garmadon," thus hinting that it was created by Lord Garmadon.
  • It is unclear how or when Lord Garmadon created Darnagom Enterprises, or how he found out about Dareth's debts. The most likely explanations are that he took over an existing company and sent them to collect their debts, or that he created the company with his Mega Weapon some time prior to the episode's events.