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They are no match for you; their resistance will fail!”
Harumi to Garmadon about his Colossi, Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

The Colossi (also known as the Oni Titan) is a massive stone giant that was created by Lord Garmadon with the use of his True Potential in a bid to help him conquer Ninjago. The Colossi wandered through Ninjago City, wreaking havoc and destroying many buildings before the Ninja intervened. In the ensuing chaos, the Colossi grabbed Destiny's Bounty and crushed it, leading Lloyd and the others to believe that the original Ninja and Wu were dead, when they were not.

Currently, Garmadon uses the Colossi to maintain his oppressive hold on Ninjago City, which now serves as a stronghold for the Sons of Garmadon.


Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

Lord Garmadon and the Sons of Garmadon arrived at a village on their way to New Ninjago City. When a villager told them that their village would fight, Harumi told Garmadon that the Villagers did not know of his power. Garmadon they used his True Potential to form a mighty beast, the Colossi, causing the Village to yield to Emperor Garmadon.

The Colossi attacks New Ninjago City and Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, and P.I.X.A.L. go to face it. They are surprised by its immense size and try to figure out how to destroy it. Cole cracks the ground, causing the Colossi to fall, but it just gets back up again. It holds onto some wires overhead, which Jay uses to electrocute it. It falls again, but gets back up again. It swipes at a building, knocking a room away, revealing a citizen on the toilet. The Ninja realize they cannot beat it the four of them board the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 to get Lloyd and escape. They find Lloyd and try to get him on board. He throws the toddler Wu to them, but the Oni TItan then grabs the Bounty and crushes it. Lloyd and Harumi believe that the Ninja and Wu were killed. In actuality, they survived, having been transported to another realm.


  • The Colossi's stone appearance bears a great resemblance to the armor given to a user wearing the Oni Mask of Hatred.
  • The Colossi is one of the four most powerful and largest beings of Ninjago, the others being the Overlord (the most powerful), the Preeminent (the largest), and the Great Devourer (one of the biggest).
  • It plays a similar role to Meowthra from The LEGO Ninjago Movie (a giant monster summoned by Garmadon to conquer Ninjago).
  • The Colossi was never actually named in the show; its name was revealed in the description of "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago." It was simply refered to by Kai as "that giant walking thing" and by Jay as "Garmageddon."
  • In the sets it is known as the Oni Titan.


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