“Wait a minute—are you saying that Mr. Chen, the same guy filling my belly with delicious goodness, is actually Master Chen?”
Cole, The Invitation
Chen's Noodle Shop
Location New Ninjago City
Inhabitants Master Chen (formerly)
Skylor (owner)

Mr. Chen's Noodle House is a restaurant in New Ninjago City. It is the number one restaurant in the city and popular among the people, including Cole, who goes there often. During Chen's ownership of the Noodle House, it was supplied by goods produced in the factory on his personal island which are brought over by the ferry to the mainland.

Following the defeat of Master Chen, Skylor took ownership of the noodle house, personally managing the restaurant in Ninjago City.


The Invitation

Eyezor, Kapau, and Krait attempted to rob the Noodle Shop but the Ninja quickly thwarted their plans and fended them off. After the villains fled, the Ninja found an invitation to the Tournament of Elements outside of the shop.

Ninja Roll

On the night of the fourth day of the Tournament, the noodle trucks from Chen's Island arrived with the latest shipment of goods. Dareth was visiting the Noodle Shop at the time, expressing outrage that Chen had discontinued the Puffy Potstickers.

Curseworld, Part I

On the day of the Ninjago New Year, Ronin visited the Noodle Shop.

Operation Land Ho!

While Skylor was throwing out a ruffian from the Noodle House, Jay visited the restaurant to recruit the Master of Amber for his ninja replacement team.

Secrets Discovered

Upon discovering that his father was working for the Hands of Time, Kai visited the Noodle Shop to seek advice from Skylor. They were soon joined by Nya, though the siblings soon left after learning the other Ninja had discovered the secret base of the Time Twins.

In Shadow of Ronin (non-canon)

While Nya defended the city from the Nindroids, she passed by Chen's Noodle House.


Among things served at the noodle house are:

  • The Best Noodles in Ninjago
  • Three Ingredient Sizzling Rice
  • Snow Pea Cuttle Fish
  • Moo Shu Wu Shu
  • Cake
  • Sushi
  • Egg Roll and Fried Rice
  • Puffy Potsticker


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Season 7: The Hands of Time

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  • According to Cole, order number two is an egg roll and fried rice.
  • Chen's Hall of Villainy exhibit suggests that the recipe for the Noodles may actually be of Serpentine origin, or conversely merely his own invention.


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