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Cards are used in the Ninjago: Spinjitzu Spinners game. Players use them to give their character an advantage in battle.

There are eighty-seven 2011 cards, consisting of seventeen Character Cards, seven special edition Cards, and sixty-five Battle Cards. These can be found in Spinner sets and other specified sets. There are two primary types of cards: Character Cards and Battle - Cards.

There are currently one hundred and twenty eight 2012 cards. There are twenty-five character cards, three special edition cards, and one hundred battle cards.

Type of Cards

  • Character Card - This card represents your character in the game. It shows who you are, how much SP (Spinjitzu Power) you have in each element, and your Golden Weapon.
  • Battle Card - This type of card is a card that you can use to give your player an advantage over your opponent(s).

Battle Cards can be split into the following subsections:

Build Cards

Build-icon These cards let you build parts on the spinner, such as bricks, weapons, shields, and blades. Once a player wins, the parts are removed.

Confuse Cards

Confuse-icon These cards hinder an opponent, such as making their character unbalanced or negating one of their card effects. The effect ends when a player wins.

Force Cards

Force-Icon These cards are often used during the battle. They can take effect on the card user and/or the opponent.

Control Cards

Control-Icon These cards change the outcome of an end of a battle. Most control cards prevent the card user from losing a weapon.

Trap Cards

Trap-Icon These metal cards are laid down or stood up with bricks on the battlefield. Most trap cards make an opponent lose if they touch a trap card, but some can make an opponent discard their cards.

Golden Cards

These metal cards can only be played if the character is holding a golden weapon during battle. Some Golden Cards have identical effects to non-Golden Cards, but the Golden versions require less SP.

Power Cards

These cards require a certain amount of all SP power in all four elements (for example: one card could require 100 SP of each element while another requires 200 SP of each element). These cards have a green serpentine border.

Boost Cards

Boost-Icon These cards add SP to the character's elemental powers until a player wins. Another card must be played right after a boost card is played.

Scroll Cards

Scroll-Icon These cards force both players to participate in a challenge, usually involving careful aim of a spinner. If the player of the card wins the challenge, they can reclaim one of their lost weapons.

Crown Cards

Similar to Golden Cards, Crown Cards are powerful, but burdened with a restriction; they can only be played if the player's spinner has a crown on it. These cards are kept face-up and can used throughout the whole game (with the exception of Double Stars); but if the crown is removed, all face-up crown cards are discarded.

List of Cards

Character Cards



Battle Cards



Special Edition Cards

These cards came in special promotional sets. They were either holographic or had a special ability not found in standard cards.

2012 special edition cards

Sets with Cards

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