“Hypnotizing methods of choice: Rattling, singing or telling really boring stories.”

Card 22 - Rattla is a Character Card used in the Ninjago Spinjitzu Spinners game.


Fire Symbol SP: 200

Lightning Symbol SP: 200

Earth Symbol SP: 200

Ice Symbol SP: 300

Overall SP: 900

How to Use

This is your Character Card. It shows who you are in the game, and how much Spinjitzu Power (SP) you have.


In order to play a Battle Card, your Character Card's SP must be greater than or equal to a Battle Card's SP.

Set Apperances


  • The weapon Rattla holds isn't to scale with the actual set it comes in.
  • The lenticular version of the card is marked the same number as the regular card and not a ★ number.