"The Green Ninja is here to save the day!"
1 - Lloyd ZX
Card Element All (Balanced)
Type Character
Card Number 1
Previous Card N/A
Next Card Card 2 - Kai ZX

Card 1 - Lloyd ZX is a Character Card used in the Ninjago: Spinjitzu Spinners game. It shows Lloyd ZX, his golden weapon, and his stats.


Fire Symbol SP: 300

Lightning Symbol SP: 300

Earth Symbol SP: 300

Ice Symbol SP: 300

Overall SP: 1,200

How to Use

This is your Character Card. It shows who you are in the game, and how much Spinjitzu Power (SP) you have.


In order to play a Battle Card, your Character Card's SP must be greater than or equal to a Battle Card's SP.


  • This card holds the only promotional art of Lloyd ZX (including CGI).
  • This is probably the card with the highest demand.

Where to find Card