“I HATE snakes! Hate them.”
— NRG Cole
Card 16 - NRG Cole
Card Element Earth
Type Character Card
Card Number #16
Previous Card Card 15 - Kendo Cole
Next Card Card 17 - Chokun

Card 16 - NRG Cole is a Character Card used in the Ninjago: Spinjitzu Spinners game.


Fire Symbol SP: 400

Lightning Symbol SP: 0

Earth Symbol SP: 500

Ice Symbol SP: 0

Overall SP: 900

How to Use

This is your Character Card. It shows who you are in the game, how much Spinjitzu Power (SP) you have, and your default golden weapon.


In order to play a Battle Card, your Character Card's SP must be greater than or equal to a Battle Card's SP.

Where to find Card